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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Forgiving...Giving and Asking 

It's been interesting to note that within the last 2 weeks and this week, our fellow bloggers have been writing about friendships and/or forgiveness. I knew that Summer of '04 would be a time of change and reflections, perhaps a little personal growth.

However, in regards to forgiveness, it's been about offering forgiveness. What about asking for forgiveness? I mean, be honest, it takes 2 people to start something. Ok, really, one person will do something that you don't like but then your reaction or defense weren't quite "innocent".

My mother once told me that it's easy to see that people are the problems, yet hard for one person to see or admit that he/she could be THE problem, instead of pointing at others.

Perhaps that it's good that we have summers. These are times we get away and enjoy ourselves for a short while, with a change of scenery. Take in a breath of fresh air. Ponder and reflect...

Once summer is over, we should all be ready to meet up with friends that you've been having problems with and have that talk and hopefully clear up some obstacles and exchange forgiveness.