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Monday, July 12, 2004

A Good Weekend... 

Friday night, after work, KT kept asking me what I wanted to do for the night. It was obvious that he was restless and wanted to do something, than just staying home for the night and watch some shows. We were debating if we should go to DPHH or something else. KT had been talking to a friend, via pager, about DPHH. She was trying to reel us both to go. Meanwhile, I was on the computer chatting with Kekua and paging CK about "discovering" his blog, along with others'. (You've probably noticed a longer list of links on the side.) To ease up the restlessness, I made cocksucker shots for us.

Then KT tells me to get ready because he had a surprise for me. (hmmm...must've been the cocksucker shots) So, I prettied myself up and took off with KT to check out this surprise. He took me to Silver Spring. I hadn't been there in a long time. The last time I was there, I still wasn't impressed with the city, despite other's positive ratings. Well, this time...wow, things have really been improved. It almost looks like Bethesda (sp?)...the downtown looks. Anyways, the surprise was to see Spiderman 2 movie. Now, you might think...so what. Well, remember that the first Spiderman was never captioned (open-captioned, that is), due to something related to Sony. So, it is highly unlikely that part 2 would be OC. So, KT took me there because this theatre provides RWC (rear window captioning). It was our first experience with RWC. (With OC movies, you usually have to go to the movies on Sundays or Mondays for those 2, sometimes 3, days. If you miss it, then you would have to go to another location, if offered, or wait til it comes out on DVD. With RWC, you're given multiple selections of days and times...like Friday nights, with the regular crowds.)

Anyways, we get there and get acquired these reflective acrylic panel attached to a flexible pole, with a base that can be plopped into the drink holder. (One negative for that. Where else do you put your drink?) At the first seating, I was having trouble with my panel to make it "sit still". Then, KT thought if we sat a couple rows higher, we might be better off. So, we relocated and then KT was having trouble with his panel to behave. Anyways, we finally settled ourselves cozy and waited for the movie to begin.

The movie was so good that there were times I forgot to read the captions. Lots of action and it was indeed funny. RWC wasn't bad. There were pros and cons with regards to RWC and OC. After researching and reading the lawsuit that was brought against the DC metro area about movie captioning in theatre, RWC will be likely to be the future captioning system, due to financial sensibility. (I had read the lawsuit previously but I didn't really pay attention to it.) It had already been installed across America, recently. Heard from a Canadian friend that Canada has had RWC for quite some time.

(To you Gallaudetians, Union Station has RWC. I will find the link for RWC and add it to my Site section.) (As part of the lawsuit, all new theatres built in the DC metro area must have RWC available.)

Saturday morning was spent cleaning. We went to the county landfill to dump some blocks from our backyard. We still have some debris left in the backyard. Hopefully, it'll be all cleared before the year's end. Then, our traditional Saturday lunch at Chik-Fil-A. (Never get sick of that place...good food!) Then, brought over Kekua for the night. Manny was busy with Merritt, sewing God knows what.

So, we had some burgers for dinner and then played some games. I concocted the "gay kool-aid" drinks that I learned from the Queer Eye show. Pretty good and got a good buzz from those drinks. Anyways, about 1am, KT and I went to bed and Kekua stayed up to re-watch Alice in Wonderland. The last time he watched it, he fell asleep. (Well, what do you know...he fell asleep at the same scene. Tsk!)

We got up the next morning and cleaned up from the previous night. I made us some breakfast, while Kekua slept some more. We were gonna get ready and head out and do some more errands but Jon stopped by, with Dani, to help install motion sensor lights in the back of the house. So, I got to babysit Dani while KT went to help Jon. Dani is a darling. So easy to take care of. Not one of those babies that cry and cry because you exist.

We got invited to Cindy and Dane's place for a BBQ that evening. So, I dropped off Kekua and drove home to pick up KT, who had to finish up a few things with Jon. Came home and picked up KT, Jon and Dani and headed over to Cindy's. Overall, we had a great time there. Good food and of course, played the Idiot game. How addicting! We didn't leave there til midnight. So, by the time we got home and settle in for the night, it was already 1am. So, KT and I are both tired at the moment yet here at work. The day is gonna go by SO SLOW! Gawd, I wish I love coffee...but I don't.

Oh, oh...I got a camcorder to borrow for a short time. So, I'll be working on my ASL poem and then will mail it in to the contest. I'm excited about that. Even if I don't win, it's something that will challenge me to hone my skills in ASL poetry. Yes, yes...as soon as I finish this poem, I'll resume my short story. I'm looking forward to that as well. Patience! *winks*

Oh, oh, heard that Miss Deaf South Dakota, Erin E. Casler, won the Miss Deaf American pageant. According to some anonymous sources, there was some political pressures involved. According to others, that was impossible. All I care is that Miss Deaf America do a good job and make herself visible across the nation. Congrats and good luck, Erin.

Anyways, I better stop and start acting like I'm working. ta ta...