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Friday, July 23, 2004

Got Sorenson... 

Yesterday, we got the Sorenson VP-100.  KT had left work early to meet with the lady to set it up.  I got home and was ready to check it out.  We called a few of our friends but they weren't home.  So, I decided to call my aunt via VRS/VCO.  Gosh, it made the whole conversation smooth with no lag time.  I spent a good hour, at least, talking with aunt and catching up with news.  It was just good to chat with her.  KT said that he could see a difference in me, having an opportunity to speak with a family member and being fed information.  So, I'll definitely be calling her from time to time.  Plus, she's getting a computer and will be ready by Monday so we'll have regular email contacts. 
After that, we were able to call a couple of friends and chat through Sorenson.  I really like it and look forward to keeping in touch with other friends. 

There's just one negative aspect of this whole thing.  The wiring!  Wished it was wireless.  Right now, we have a wire from the t.v. to across the dining room to the computer.  So, we'll have to go to like Radio Shack and get a longer wire. 

Other than that, I can't complain.  It's just a wonderful technology, which is already impacting the Deaf communities. 


Will be meeting Cliff and his sister, who is visiting, for lunch today. 

We're almost done with the painting.  We'll be doing touch-ups and then finally will be able to move stuff back. 

ta ta for now...