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Monday, July 19, 2004

(Insert Title Here) 

Friday night, KT, Kekua and I went up to Silver Spring to catch a late show of I, Robot.  It was sold out!  Then, we were hoping to drive all the way to Alexandria, VA for catch even a later show of the movie.  KT used his pager to call the theatre, via Relay.  Alas, it was also sold out.  Sigh...  So, we just headed back home and played Idiot, which I ended up taking the "crown".  Or should I say "tiara"?
Got up the next morning and got started with scrapping off the exterior paint of the windows.  To make a long day a short story, we ended up doing a lot of things.  Then, some neighborhood guy was walking by and approached me.  He said that he's a professional painter and that what we were all doing was all wrong.  So, he gave us some tips and provided some drywall mud.  Cool to learn something new and we all had fun with the drywall mud.  However, all of us doing so many things eventually wore us all out.  Then, KT and I treated our friends out to dinner at Cici's Pizza, known for their pizza buffet at a reasonable price. 
We had planned to go see I, Robot but we were just all too tired to go anywhere.  So, after dinner, we all came home and played Idiot.  We were just all having a good time, along with some sassy remarks with each other. 
Sunday, I got up and started to work on my reports before I had an afternoon meeting with RAD 2005 Committee, while KT and Manny sanded down the plaster outside.  Dropped off the guys and headed to the meeting.  All I can say that is was good and productive. 
Came home and just plopped my fat flat tired ass.  Last night, KT recorded a show about Britney Spears and her musical career on E!.  So, just before bed, we watched that show.  Omigod, I love BS already!  Manny had always liked her but I just never really caught on with Britney.  I just knew her hot songs/videos and her desire to be the next Madonna (whom I just loooooove!).  Well, well...why the hell didn't anyone tell me that BS already made a video with Madonna in 2003?  Where the hell was I?  I gotta look for that video and watch it!  Must!!!  (Gotta update my wishlist!) 
Britney is just cool.  She just really have grown artistically.  (FYI - if the info are wrong...it's because we didn't finish the show.  Will watch the rest of it later...hopefully tonight.)  Up to the point where we stopped, it was interesting to learn that Britney is the only female to ever have 4 #1 albums/hits in a row.  I can definitely see her as the next Madonna.  Britney is probably progressing faster in her career than Madonna was at that point of her music career. 
Omigod, her trip to Tokyo was hilarious.  This was right after her kiss with Madonna at an awards show.  (Speaking of the kiss, which Christina Aguirella (sp?) was on the other side of Madonna.  It was interesting to learn that Britney, Justin Timberlake (her ex) and Christina were all alumni of the Musketeer Club.)  Anyways, she appears at some Japanese talk show and the host wanted to talk about the kiss.  The host told Britney that it looked like Madonna transferred her soul into Britney.  Britney was like..."that sounds cool but no, it was just a kiss."  And the host said, "no, Madonna transferred her soul into you."  Britney was just laughing cuz how do you respond to someone who just disregarded what you said. 
Anyways, I'm looking forward to finish up the show.  Looks like Barbie isn't the bitch anymore (who has everything).  It's Madonna and Britney.  I must, must find that video with Britney and Madonna!!!!  (Remind me to slap Manny for not telling about it.)
Anyways, I just better stop here for the moment and get my lunch and do some work.  I'll post some more later. 
ta ta...