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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Movies to Catch Up... 

I was reading blogs and seems everyone is talking about The Butterfly Effect. I gotta check that movie out. Sounds like an interesting movie. (It better be!) I've also heard about Thirteen. Gotta check that out as well.

Watched The Hours last night. Didn't finished it because KT and I were both tired and headed for bed. KT said that the movie is too slow for him. I like it. 3 different things happening in 3 different years. Hopefully will be able to finish the movie tonight after doing some errands after work.

Speaking of movies...I, Robot opens this Friday. So, KT and I are hoping that it'll be RWC'd this weekend or next week so we can check it out. It looks good. Movies with Will Smith in it tend to be a blockbuster!
Next weekend, Catwoman opens. Hopefully, that'll be a good movie as well.

Got several things that I need to get done, especially before my RAD meeting this coming Sunday.

Today, I'm going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Already 2 months overdue! Also, get a couple cavities filled.

I better stop for now and called the remaining 2 doctors and set up an appointment. ta ta...