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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Nothing Fancy... 

Had an enjoyable weekend. Manny came over on Friday night. We all had a good time catching up on news and whatnots. Then had some pizzas from Pizza Hut, while we played Idiot.

Saturday, Julie and Tiffany came over to check out our house. Also, caught up on news. Then, KT and I taught them how to play Idiot. They seemed to like it.

Sunday, we got up and picked up Kekua and Manny. Brought them back to our place for 4th of July BBQ. Boy, it rained ALL DAY. Good thing that we have a little overhang in the backyard, so KT could still BBQ our burgers. We all had a great time, especially with Idiot. We modified it to a drinking game. It was too much that we had to eliminate a couple of rules. Anyways, we just all laughed our asses off. Great time! Then, we watched Alice in Wonderland. My first time to ever watched that movie. I just vee that movie.

Yesterday, KT and I just relaxed the whole day. Watched some movies and shows. Only 2 more shows before QAF is done for the season. That's not good!

Anyways, despite the relaxing weekend, I'm still tired! Probably from the drinking game that KT, Manny and Kekua MADE me participate. *winks* Anyways, time is nice to me today because it's going by fast. Pretty soon, my tired ass will be home!

ta ta...