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Friday, July 30, 2004


In response to Amish abuse...

Abuse, whether perceived or real, is everywhere.  People love to analyze religious sects to find abuse, of any kind, and then display it for the world to see. 

Now, I'm not advocating abuse.  However, there are things that happen that are not understood or explained to the mainstreamed society.  To the religious sects, it's sometimes better to not explain to others about your beliefs because it would just be over their heads.  Believe me, I can understand that.  I was raised as a United Pentacostal and people can't (or won't) understand some of the practices that goes on in that particular branch. 

If you're going to scream abuse towards the Amish, then scream abuse among the Muslims, the Christians, the Mormons, the Jewish and many others.

I've read some of the stories about Amish abuse.  While some are extreme, the others were just following what they know.  The others were about discipline, although they can be extreme. 

Be very careful when you make a general stigmatic statement of a group.  Not ALL Amish people abuse their children. 

When one cannot understand the practices of another, one can make erroneous assumptions.  I have seen other people react in shock when they see a Black or a Hispanic person, usually the mother, smack their kids on the heads or pull their hair in public.  I just laugh.  Not because it's funny...but because I can understand the discipline if you will.  Yeah, I'm Hispanic and I went through that.  No, I don't perceive it as abuse...just a cultural way of disciplining.  Cliff and I usually laugh our asses off about this when we go down memory lane. 

Some African tribes practice female circumcision.  While to us Americans, that's just pure abuse.  Yet, to them, that's part of a tradition or a rite of passage for the females. 

Another different case...  Hearing people view Deaf people as rude and obnoxious when we bang on tables, stomp on floor, or flick off and on the lights.  Yet, we, as Deafies, know that it's not rudeness but a cultural attempt to get another's attention. 

So, while we might not like the practices of another person or group, it's what makes the world unique and should encourage us to analyze others with an open mind.  

(Yes, there are exceptions.)