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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Skipping Towards Gomorrah... 

Last night, I finished read Dan Savage's book, Skipping Towards Gomorrah. It was a very interesting book and I really enjoyed it, except the introductory chapters, which were dull. Dan is hilarious in the book. I had some laughs here and there.

I think the most interesting part is the one where Dan expressed his honest view about Gay Pride days. The GLBT communities claim that they're doing this for political/freedom reasons and for the gay youths. In reality, we do have freedom. Maybe not the full range of freedom that we've envisioned but we've come a long way since. Political reasons, please! You don't see the Irish people parading down the main street on St. Patrick's Day, proclaiming political reasons...the same for Mardi Gras (which the majority of the party-ers are straight and do not proclaim to do this for political reasons, just to party and show off their bodies). In plain truth, Gay Pride days are just simply a reason to par-tee! Doing it for the gay youths, c'mon. Gay youths and the newly outed are just too scared to come out to these events. (Try to remember your first pride event that you went...you were scared, weren't you? I was.)
I had asked KT if he could recall any booths at the festival that were geared towards gay youths, because I couldn't recall any. He recalled SMYAL. That's about the only organizations focused on gay youths. So, "I'm doing this for the gay youths" isn't gonna cut it anymore.

Plainly, Gay Pride days are just days for the GLBT communities to party. Bottom line, there's nothing wrong with wanting to party. Everyone knows the pride days are practically sexual in nature. Check out those practically naked dancers and you might be lucky to spot a dyke walking around topless and catch leather guys with asses exposed. Condoms and lubes are passed around constantly. You could practically get a year's worth of rubbers and lubes just by attending the festival.
And, at least half of the spectators are high on something ("oh, it's for gay youths"). Another reason he gave is that gay people go there to laugh at the freaks, as well. I'm sure you guys have seen people at the pride events and have spotted some weird people. I know I have and couldn't hold back a snicker.

Dan's point was that he wish that the GLBT communities would just admit that they're doing this because they want to have a good time and party their asses off. Doing it for the gay youths isn't an answer.

Anyways, I just wanted to focus on the pride days. Dan did go on and on about the gay communities and how it can be misleading to gay youths, with some messages that gay organizations carry about but that's a whole other story.