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Friday, July 16, 2004

The Visit to the Dentist... 

Yesterday afternoon, I went to see the dentist for my semi-annual teeth cleaning and get some cavities filled.  After the teeth cleaning, I was led to another room to wait for the dentist.  (Since the last visit, I've suspected the dentist to be gay.)  He came in and was all friendly.  He had the chair lie back so he could work on the fillings. 
Before I go further, I LOVE novocaine.  Don't ask me why but I just love it.  All my previous dentists took their time injecting the novocaine in my mouth.  I usually get 2 shots worth.
Well, what do you know?  Boom, boom, boom, boom!  He just injected 4 shots of novocaine, really fast.  2 in the back of my mouth,  one on the inside of my lower lips and another in the upper gums.  And then, he was working on a tooth and I could still feel him working on it with a tool, that he had to inject a 5th one.  (I don't think I like novocaine anymore!)  Even with 5 shots of novocaine, I still had feelings and jerked at various times he was working on my teeth. 
My mouth was opened like I was getting ready to eat a 10-layer sandwich.  (Hey, I'm not a snake.  I can't unhook my jaw.  Ya mind!)  Anyways, after he was done, he said that I didn't numb well.  (No shit, Sherlock!)   However, I had gotten so much novocaine that my nose was numbed.  I felt like I had a cold.  Also, I felt some tingling around my right eye.  I was like...my eye better not be numb.  I didn't want a wall-eye! 
Anyways, he said that I had to have a root canal.  Fuckity fuck!  I would have to go to a specialist in DuCi.  However, I was told that this specialist is really good!  (I trust their referrals because they referred me previously to an oral surgeon when I had my first wisdom tooth removal and this dr. was really good!)  Anyways, I'm not looking forward to a root canal and then go back and get a crown.  That means time off from work.  A root canal!  What a nice early birthday present!  (I feel so old!  Wwwwaaaaa!)  Suddenly, I'm not looking forward to be 30.  I wanna be 21! 
After work, KT and I went to Home Depot and gathered up some stuff for the painting projects this weekend.  We must've spent a good 2 hours, if not more, in that store.  We're 2 fags who dunno a whole lot about house and stuff.  So, we asked this guy about painting and waterproofing our porch.  Man, he was so helpful.  We feel like we're experts now. 
Just like couples have different tastes with the top cities they've participated in www.findyourspot.com and have raised their eyebrows with each other, KT and I have totally different tastes with paint colors.  (Yesterday, we both were so tired that we were bitchy with each other.  I'm sure that happens to other couples who are tired and just snap with each other.)  Anyways,  we're looking forward to get the painting over with before the summer is over.  The porch will be on hold until next month. 
After that, we went to Safeway and SFW to go grocery shopping because we just won't have any time over the weekend.  So, we gathered up some food and also had another bitchy moment at SFW.  At least, we both acknowledged that we were both tired and tend to get bitchy.  By the time we finished shopping, it was already close to 10pm and neither of us was in the mood to cook.  So, we stopped by Long John Silver's to pick up dinner to go. 
We got home and put away stuff and plopped our tired asses on the loveseat.  After the blowout with carbs on 4th of July, I went back on Phase 1.  However, last night, I just didn't fucking care if I gained 10 pounds overnight, I was gonna eat to my heart's content.  I'm still hoping to lose a total of 30 lbs before my 30th birthday.  Wouldn't that be cool?  See see...
Anyways, I better stop for now.  The Blogger design here in the Post section has been upgraded and is really cool.  Love it!  New options have been added and it's still user-friendly.  Can add text colors, change alignments, add numbers or bullet styles, insert block quotes, spell checking, and add photos and more.  Lovely!
Just got an IM from a dear friend.  He needs a "vacation" for the moment.  He just might head over to DC.  I hope so.  It'll be good to see him and I know it'll do wonders for him to see his old faggy friends and do all these bitchy acts. 
Anyways, I better stop for now and get started with work.  If I don't post any more today, have a wonderful weekend.  ta ta...