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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Watched Legally Blonde 2 last night. Cheesy but cute.

KT and I went into some discussions about just how different we are in some aspects of life, yet we still love each other. How we do things for each other because we know that he likes to do that stuff, even though you're not a fan of it or whatever.

Realized that all 3 of our cats have problems. BJ has anxiety problems, he jumps sky-high at the slightest sound. Mercy has hairball problems and sometimes vomit them out. Tigger has eye crust (sleeps) problems, even though I'm constantly cleaning his eyes. KT said...just like humans have problems, so do animals. Thank God that our lovebird, Sunshine, doesn't have any problems...at least, not yet. They're all adorable! Just wanna squeeze the heck outta them!