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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

News of the Day... 

Missouri has passed a ban on same-sex marriages.

Salt Lake City, Utah....Mark Hacking admitted to killing wife, Lori, who supposedly was pregnant. Ok, what's the deal about spouses killing their other halves and thinking that they can get away with it?

Mary Kay Letourneau is released from prison. She's that infamous teacher who had sex with a 6th grade student and bore 2 children from him.

I had mentioned about her when this whole thing first came out. Pfc. Lynndie England has been on trial for her participation of the Abu Ghraib prison photos. She has stated that the photos were taken just for "fun".

Ewww! Maggots are making a comeback in the medical field.

How tragic and unthinkable! A man slashed and killed kindergarteners in Beijing.

Ok, seriously...common sense was absent at this tragedy. The store owner in Paraguay is being charged for manslaughter. When a fire broke out in the supermarket, an order was given out to lock the doors to prevent theft. As a result, 409 people have died...and still counting!

That's all for now...ta ta...