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Monday, October 25, 2004

Homecoming Weekend... 

Friday night, after my work shift ended, I stayed with KT at work. By the time he was done and we got our car, we got home about 10:30. I was planning to go to Masa's house party but I was just so tired. So, I just cuddled up with KT, with an electric blanket, and watched some tv and then to sleep.

Saturday, we got up and relaxed for a bit. Did a bit of cleaning up in the house. Then, KT and I headed over to Gallaudet. Not for the HC thing, but to go our tests and other assignments. Just got SO much to do!

Then, KT and I went to the bookstore for a break. Saw Andy and Terese on the way. And then saw Kekua. It was a surprise to see him. We hadn't really seen or talked to each other since school started. Then, the discussion of the Eye Party came up. We were like...yeah, we've been so busy but hey, we deserve a night out to have fun. So, Billy and I agreed to meet and then head out to the Eye Party. KT had already decided to stay home.

Went back to finish up our stuff and then headed home. I dropped off KT, changed clothes and then headed to Kekua's place. Berna, Rosey and Wil were already there. After some quality time together, we all headed out to Titan's where the Eye Party was held. Kekua rode with me while the others were in Wil's car.

Kekua and I had a fabulous time catching up on news and future plans. Then, we spent like a good 20 minutes looking for parking. Parking is one of the things I really hate about DC, especially on a weekend!

Once inside Titan's, Kekua and I headed straight to the bar and got ourselves a Jagermeister shot. Dang! I used to be able to swallow the whole thing in one gulp. Took me 4 gulps before I could finish it! After that, I made my way around the bar to say the usual hello to various friends and acquaintances. Cliff was the chairperson of the Eye Party, so he was enjoying the spotlight. He looked good...his dreadlocks have gotten longer!

The bar was practically packed! So many people were there, we were all like sardines in a can. Saw RT! Good to see that fag once again! Sure do miss seeing him in the bars and causing dramas. LOL! No, we were just having a good time chatting and checking out people that were at the bar. I knew I should've brought a camera!

My duty for the Eye Party was to sell shooters. Tom Tarantino and Alex Leffers were busy pacing back and forth the bar, selling shooters. I was standing by the front door and selling shooters. Boy, I picked the perfect spot!

However, the best part of this shooter thing was Rosey. I bought some shooters to treat some of our friends. I believe it was Rosey, Wil, RT, Kapp, Cliff, Robertson and me. We all "clinked" our jello cup and swallowed the alcohol-ladened gelatin. All of us, except Rosey. She took a bite and was like making these exaggerated reactions. The jello was still in her mouth and she just somehow couldn't swallow it. (I'm laughing so hard as I'm typing this!) We were all telling her to "swallow it! swallow it!" (A line a guy would say. LOL) Instead, she spit out the jello in her cup. After some coaxing from us, she finally swallowed the whole thing and even made more reactions. I'm like holding my stomach and laughing my ass off, while I'm watching Rosey. I think it took her like a good half hour before she was finally able to stop reacting. Definitely a Kodak moment!

About 1 a.m. or so, Cliff and Toby joined me to Cliff's place for some quality time. We got there and found Lee W., Tasi, Rosey, Wil, Berna and Danielle. We were all just having a good time. Paul (I believe that was his name) arrived from a bar and hung out with us. He was a friend of Allan's, Cliff's new roomie. Anyways, it was nice to chat with him. I brought up a topic on how I noticed that many Deafies know at least 1 ABC's of a foreign sign language, most commonly BSL. And sure enough, just about everyone in the room knew BSL's ABC. Dammit! I was like...dang, I need to start knowing the ABC's of BSL!

Afterwards, I left and got home at 3 a.m. Went upstairs, got in bed and snuggled up with my sexy baby, KT. Basically, I had a blast!

Basically relaxed all day yesterday, even got to grab a couple of hours to nap. I made baked potato soup for the first time and it was so good that I was impressed. Best of all, KT loved it! We both used to go to Outback Steakhouse for the soup. Now, we don't have to. It's really easy to make!

Well, tonight is ASP Rush. I would love to go but I still have tons of paperwork and reading to do for school. This semester has given me no time for extra-cirricular activities. Perhaps next semester I just might be able to spare some time for ASP. I sure do miss hanging out with the brothers.

Ok, better get back to work. ta ta...