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Thursday, November 11, 2004


Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends, Barbie!!! Knowing her, she'll have a crazy birthday celebration!

I really wish I was there with her to help celebrate! Anyways, girl, you better party hard and tell me about it! I'll be waiting!

Love ya!!

Here are some pics of Barbie:

This is me and Barbie.

KT, me and Barbie.

KT, Barbie and my mother. (Yes, y'all finally got to see a pic of my mother.)

These pictures were taken last year in October. We were all having breakfast at Denny's before KT and I had to fly back home. Soon after these pictures were taken, we were all emotional. I was crying so hard because I thought it was gonna be the last time I would see Mom alive. (However, I did get to see my mother on 2 separate occasions after these were taken.)

Anyways, this is a special day for Barbie! Have a blast!!