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Monday, November 22, 2004

Everyone's Talking About It... 

Bush's Secret Service Agents in Shoving Match with Chilean Security Officers

You'll have to read the last half of the article above to read about what happened. I'm sure it's about to get a mixed reaction. Some people will say..."Wow! How egoistical of the Secret Service to just assume that they're cleared for security and they can just accompany the President, regardless where they are. Let the hosting country provide the security." While others may say..."Well, the best security that Bush can rely on is the Secret Service."

I just think that the Secret Service agents, including Nick Trotta, could have handled themselves better than to get into a shoving match with the Chilean officers.

Of course, everyone is talking about the Pistons/Pacers/fans brawl, especially about Ron Artest. Everyone has agreed that a fan threw something at Artest. However, there's been various descriptions of what was thrown. The article below says a water bottle. Some other articles have said beer or liquid and ice. The point is a fan threw some kind of drink at Artest.

I think that the punishment was a little extreme simply because Artest did not start it. Of course, I'm not gonna do this "he started it" game but...hey, the NBA players get punished but not the fans?!? All because the NBA teams are professionals? Aren't the fans expected to conduct themselves appropriately? Let's be fair!

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What do you think, guys?