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Monday, November 01, 2004

Since Last Week... 

Ugh! Don't you just feel BLOATED after pigging out on candies?!? I'm swearing off candies...well...at least until Christmas. So, if you see me grabbing or holding some candies, smack it out of my hands. If you see me popping in some, then do the Hemlich manuever.

Wow. It's been a week since I last blogged. Had a busy week with readings, projects and a mandatory appearance to a lecture. There was a day, I believe last week Thursday, I was sooo bone tired that I was on the verge of crying. I don't know if you've ever experience that kind of tiredness. I told KT that I didn't wanna do a thing during the weekend.

Anyways, went grocery shopping and cleaned up the house on Friday night so I would have more time to myself over the weekend.

Cliff, Rosey, KT and I were supposed to go see The Grudge on Saturday afternoon but seemed that there was some slight miscommunication, or rather lack of access to communication. So, KT and I went shopping for furniture. We bought some things for the house. We finally got a painting for the living room. It was hard to find a painting that both of us liked. So, we got it and hung it up.

After that, KT dropped me off at home and then he went to Target. When he came back, he bought a smaller painting to accompany the big one. So, the living room is finally starting to look good. He also got me a strawberry frappuccino. Awww! He's so thoughtful! *woof, woof*

Shortly after that, Berna, Rosey and Cliff came over. We played Idiot and Scruples. After that, we were gonna watch Day After Tomorrow but I hadn't realized that it was already 1 in the morning! We had to go to sleep so we could get up and do our homework for the week.

Well, Sunday came and it was just so nice to sleep in! (The same for Saturday.) Around noon, we get to pick up the mirror that we also bought along the painting. We had to borrow the van from Jon so we could transport the mirror. It's a BIG mirror for the dining room. We stopped at Target to buy a VCR. That way we don't have to keep going to the lab at Gallaudet to watch ASL videos for our homework/research. Anyways, we got it and brought it home and returned the van. Well, when we opened the box to pull out the mirror, it turned out that it was the wrong one. Grr!

Well, we just left it alone cuz my football game (Houston Texans) was on. Then, KT's football game was on next (Denver Broncos). However, in the middle of his game, KT decided that we should go back to the furniture store and get the right one because we didn't want the mirror to be left on the floor for a week. So, we got the van and returned to the store. Switched mirrors and came back. Opened the box and discovered that there's no hanging wire with it. Grr! So, we'll have to buy one sometimes this week.

Speaking of football, the Greenbay Packers won against the Washington Redskins. Does that mean that Kerry will win the election? See see...

Jon came over to hang out and then we watched Day After Tomorrow.
About halfway through the movie, we were all just tired. We realized it was the time change. Anyways, the movie was good. Imagine if it really happened?!? Just what would you do?!?

Well, tonight I gotta look for my voter's registration card. I gotta get up early and get in line to vote. Read an article this morning that there is a shortage of poll volunteers. 500,000! So, lines are bound to be longer and slower. Volunteers are bound to be cranky, especially towards the end of the day. So, it's best to get it over with in the morning. I believe polls are open from 7am to 7pm.
It is also said that bad weather does deter voters from going to the polls, such as snow and ice. Voters, don't give up! Come prepared!

ta ta for now...