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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Stupid Prank! 

Whoa! On Monday, November 1st, someone or a group of students/people stole a painting of Linwood Smith (1943-1982) from the Student Academic Center building at Gallaudet University.

Linwood Smith was a prominent Deaf Black leader who has contributed a lot to the Deaf-World. However, he was met with a sudden death.

The painting was donated by Linwood's brother, Elwood Miles.

Nice of Dr. I. King Jordan to allow the painting to be returned, unharmed, by midnight of Thursday, November 4th and there will be punishment meted and no questions asked. After that, it will be treated as a felony.

Like I said...stupid prank! If I were Dr. IKJ, I'd be hellbent to find out who took it and then make them persona non grata forever!