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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Trading Spouses... 

Last night, KT and I watched an episode of Trading Spouses. I had heard so much about it but never watched it...until last night. It was a very interesting episode.
A vegan mom from California traded places with a Cajun mother from Louisiana. Talk about polar opposite!

This link will fill you up on what happened last night. If you're lucky, you just might be able to watch part 2 next week.

Ok, I have no problem with people wanting to be vegetarians or vegans. You can educate people around you and all that. However, it becomes a problem when a vegan attempts to adjust your eating habits or makes a comment everytime you eat or drink something "unacceptable". You just practice what you believe and I'll practice what I'll believe.

Like in the link above, this particular vegan mother would just not shut up and was a bit egoistical. She's quite a bossy mother and it's no wonder that ZZ has shut her out. Although, she did make an interesting observation that perhaps Southerners would not really notice. ZZ drank sodas non-stop, all day. To us, Southerners, that's like a regular part of life because we do it ourselves. She tried to challenge ZZ to try one day without sodas. Of course, what was he doing? He was sneaking sips of sodas here and there. He replied that he didn't have any for the day when he was asked if he had sodas.

The Cajun mother, on the other hand, made me laugh! She was totally freaked out about this vegan family. She was like..."am I gonna have to eat grass all week? I'm gonna starve to death!" She was hilarious. She was afraid to speak up because she was afraid to offend the family. Finally, she said that she was gonna make the family some gumbo soup and they should try it out. They were like...does it have meat? She was like...yeah. The father said...we all walk out if anyone puts red meat on the table. That just made her more nervous.

The mothers got to meet the other mother's friends. The vegan mother was just really appalled by the various meats that the Cajuns were eating...crawfish, alligators, frog legs, etc. She told the group that she'd like to make a change in the menus so that everyone can eat healthy. She offended this one particular guy but she took it with a good attitude.
The Cajun mother meet the vegan friends. She was like staring how people ate food. She did admit that they were all pretty and skinny. Although, these vegans were quite vain and snobbish. I mean, it is California...not to stereotype the people there...but, you know... She brought them all gifts, like voodoo dolls, airbrushed t-shirts and alligator head skulls. Ok, maybe gator skulls are a Louisiana thing but they were a gift and don't be rude about them. At least, the Cajun mother was polite to just sit there and listen to their beliefs and not take it to offense.

KT and I were talking about the skull thing. I don't quite understand the fascination of it. I mean, we just don't understand why stores along the beach sell embryos of sharks in a jar. Who would wanna buy that?!? Haven't you seen those? It's like...what's the point? Then, I thought...well, we Texans do sell longhorns. Sometimes not just the horns but the skull along with it, as well. I don't freak out over that but I do react to the others.

Am I contradicting myself or is there a difference? Maybe it's a cultural thing. "It's just the way we do things around here."

ta ta for now...