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Monday, November 15, 2004

Weekend, Come Back! 

Did not really have a weekend! It was spent mostly on a video project.

Previously for ASL Media class, the students had to find an ASL story from videotapes, create a storyboard and bring them to class. I picked Bill Ennis' Hide and Seek story.

In class, we all took turns reading storyboards and comparing them to the ASL stories to see if they match the angles, zooms, shots, etc. Anyways, after that part was done, votes were taken to see which were the best stories/storyboards. After that, votes were tallied and 3 of them were chosen. Mine was the most voted and therefore, it automatically made me the director for my story.


We have a week to get it make the ASL story into a movie. Ugh! You know, it's close to the end of the semester and I have like 1 million other projects to do. (I know I'm exaggerating but at least, I have lots of other stuff to do.)

I normally wouldn't mind being a director but I just hated the limited deadline. As soon as my story was picked, I could just feel stress multiplied like rabbits on my shoulders.

This particular class is held on Thursday nights. So, I knew that I was only available on the weekends to do the video project. So, my crew and I got together and agreed that Saturday morning was the best for all of us to get together and shoot.

Ok, keep in mind that the crew and I cannot be in the film. Keep in mind that I had to find actors. Keep in mind that Hide and Seek was a story about 3 brothers (2 Deaf and 1 hearing). Keep in mind that we were all available on Saturday morning. Keep in mind that this was Thursday evening. Keep in mind that I had to ask parents permission to "borrow" their kids for the filming.

Anyways, some of my crew members already staked on some roles they wanted to be, which was fine with me. However, I also had other roles that needed to be filled. (There are 5 of us.) KT and I did some emailing or asking around. We were finally able to get the 3 kids that we needed for our video.

Saturday morning comes and my crew arrived and the kid actors as well. There were some previous tension about location where it would be shot. The reason was the it was predicted that it was going to rain on Saturday. So, I needed a backup location. One parent suggested a hotel that she was staying because the heat at her house was gone and was being repaired. However, I felt that I needed to call the hotel just to make sure that it was ok to shoot there. They said that they cannot stop anyone shooting film or photos outside the hotel. However, inside is a different story, liability reasons. So, we decided that my house would be the location.

After a quick "continental" breakfast, cameras and stuff were set up and we were ready to roll. Kids were having fun, while KT was responsible to tell the kids what to do, while I was consulting my storyboard and relaying to him what I wanted. About 20 to 30 minutes later, the kids wanted a break. Eeek! None of us had factored that in. So, we gave them a break. Plus, it was nippy outside. So, the kids ran in the house to watch cartoons. (Of course!) 10 minutes later, we were back outside and resumed shooting.

Again, a request for break and back to work. Pretty soon, I realized that we were not going to be able to finish for the day. One of the camera people (we had to cameras) had previous communication with me that she would have to leave around noon or so because she had other plans. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that I had just found out that one of the boys also had to leave for a friend's birthday party. I was like...you're just now telling me?

So, we all stopped and had to discuss together about our project. I need to backtrack here a little. When my story was picked, I knew it would be stressful because my story involved 3 boys. So, I was like...working with kids is not gonna be a stroll in the park. Kids tire easily and often get bored and need breaks or snacks for energy or whatever. So, while we were filming, the boys were good at first but then later on, they started to become a bit restless and kept asking for more breaks and kept running into the house to watch cartoons.

I had emailed the teacher Thursday evening to ask if I could have adults act like kids, instead of working with kids. The teacher was like...having adults act like kids would just result in pure laughter (which is alright) but it would take the focus away from critiquing. So, it looked like I was stuck with working with kids.

Anyways, after discussing, we agreed that our only option was to resume filming with the 2 boys for a couple of hours. And we also agreed that we'd have to meet again on Sunday early morning and try to finish up the shoot. So, we asked the parents if we could borrow them once again and they were like...sure! (Of course, parents sometimes need a break from their kids...so this was an opportunity for them.)

Come Sunday morning, we resumed after a small breakfast. However, this time, we told the boys that we can have breaks but no tv or anything. If we finish the filming on time, then they can watch tv or play video games all they want. I decided to finish up all outside scenes first and then work on the inside scenes. Of course, there were breaks taken. Of course, there had been some tension here and there but we all made it through. Oh, I was soooo happy to get it over with.

I will tell you one thing...filming with kids is challenging! I think I wouldn't have mind if I have the luxury of time, which I obviously don't have. Plus, I was working with one less cameraperson and KT took over that role as well. Not only that, but while we were on one of the breaks, the other cameraperson just found out, via pager, that she just became an aunt. So, I was like...oh shit but happy for her as well. However, we were near completion so she was willing to stay til we were finished. Bless her heart!

So now, the editors, including KT, will meet Wednesday and edit the film.

Now, I gotta do the other stuff, especially a take-home exam that's due this Friday.

I had planned to work on this take-home exam on Friday evening but I went grocery shopping, after work. Came home and threw some laundry in the washer. Left to pick up KT from work. Came home and I was like...too tired to work on anything.

Planned to work on it on Saturday after the video project. However, we ended up spending some time chatting with the parents of 2 boys for our project. You know, Deaf thing! Then, of course, went shopping at Target. Of course, Target has Christmas things out so, of course, I just had to look through them. Came home and of course, I didn't wanna do anything but rest up for Sunday's filming.

Planned to do it on Sunday. However, the computers at the library weren't letting me access. Then, KT didn't have a pager so I didn't wanna go to SAC and then we'd have miscommunication. Then, I planned to work on it on Sunday night after a gathering at a friend's house.

Julie had paged me some time ago, telling me that there's 4 of us from San Antonio, attending Gallaudet. All 4 of us attended a Day School of the Deaf (Pfieffer Elementary). This was before mainstreaming programs was put into use and force the Deafies to go to their local school districts. Before that, many Deaf kids in SA went to this particular Day School. (No, not Sunshine Cottage!)

Anyways, it was good to see them. Of course, I see Julie every now and then. Chad, I saw him sporadically over the years, in SA and at Gally. I finally had the chance to sit down and talk with him. Naomi...gosh, it's been a good 17/18 years since I last saw her. We were shocked when we met because we were like...OMG, I've passed by you on campus many times! I had totally forgotten that she was in my class.

Of course, we had Mexican food to eat. Of course, we all took a stroll down on memory lane and asked each other what was up with our old classmates. I cannot get over the fact that some of my childhood friends thought that I had died. In fact, I got a page about a month ago from a Deafie in SA. He just got a new job at a local school district, where 2 other Deafies work there. Obviously, they went to school with me and this guy mentioned my name and told them what was up with me. He said that they were totally shocked to hear about me because they were told that I had died.

Anyways, we just all had a good time. It felt good because we didn't have any of those awkward silent moments. It was like yesterday for us. Of course, we were like...let's get together soon!

Came home and KT had company. So, of course, I couldn't do my papers while we have company. By the time they left, I was like...it's too late to work on papers. So, went to bed and now, I'm like...I HAVE to do my papers tonight! Then, after that, gotta do some other stuff!

Better shut up now and start reading an article for class tomorrow. ta ta...