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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


*Long Entry*

Hi! I'm back! I never actually went anywhere for the holidays. Just stayed home and basically relaxed.

Last week Thursday, work closed early. I went to see Cliff and spent some quality time with him, along with Emerson and witnessed a mini drama with Cliff's now former roommate. Then KT picked me up and we went grocery shopping and did some cleaning around the house.

It felt so good to sleep in late on Friday. Work was closed for the day. Finally was able to finish up Christmas wrapping. Then, in the late afternoon, we went over to Jon's house to watch his football game (Minnesota Vikings). Actually, KT and Jon watched the game, while Krista and I went upstairs and watched Rundown, which was actually a good movie. However, before we watched the movie, Jon had made some nachos, pigs in the blanket and he had gotten a tray of nuggets from Chik-Fil-A. Mmmm, so good! Of course, we all had stuffed ourselves!

After the game/movie, we all headed out to Silver Spring to watch a RWC of Meet the Fockers. KT and I used our free movie tickets from the last time we went to movies but ended up not able to do so because of a caption fuck-up. After buying some junk food, we settled our asses and set our reflective panels in place to read the captions and waited for the movie to start. After all the previews were shown, the movie started. Well, whadda ya know? The captions did not come on. Not again!!! Jon went out to talk to the manager about it and somehow the theatre didn't get the captions in on time, because of the holiday. So, each of us were given 3 free movie passes. Well, now I can't really complain. However, that wasn't the end of it. KT told the manager that we should get our money back for the food because they're not cheap, which is true! Yep, we all got our money back. Thanks to KT!

Well, everything else was closed. So, we headed back to Jon's and had more nachos and just chatted and laughed til past midnight.

Saturday morning was spent with opening gifts with KT. I sure hope that KT liked that stuff that I got him. I know that he truly likes the video games that I got him. We both got lots of clothes for work, which is nice because it was starting to feel like we were wearing the same clothes over and over. I got LOTS of books, which KT was able to do so because of the WishList I have posted on my blog. Already read 4 books and now on my 5th. The best gift of them was a bike! I was so not expecting that. I really miss riding a bike. Now, I just have to wait for warm weather to go out riding.

Then, that afternoon, Jon, Krista, Cliff, Kekua, and Euggy came over to have Christmas "lunner" at our place. I had been freaking out for the past day or two that we weren't gonna have enough food for all these people. Boy, was I wrong! We had SO MUCH food that I felt like 10 more people could've come and still have plenty left. We were all so stuffed that we barely ate any desserts. All in all, I was glad that everyone had a wonderful time together.

Sunday was spent quietly while we were all bloated from the food from the past few days. Cliff had spent the night and was spending the day washing all his clothes at our place. It was good to spend some time with him.

Until school resumes in January, I'm off on Mondays. KT also took this particular Monday off to spend some more time with me. Basically just relaxed and did a little bit of shopping. We had eaten so much sugar and carbs that we just felt soooooo tired to do anything. I'm serious...I feel like I've gained like 25 pounds from the last few days of eating. I'm so scared that I don't wanna get on the scale.

Last night, I finally transferred the pictures from the camera to the computer. I was looking at pictures with me in it. I thought, "OMG, Larry, you have bloated BIG TIME!" In January, after my mother's burial, I started on the South Beach diet and I did pretty well. Lost almost 30 pounds. That was until 4th of July. KT and I decided that we did so well that we should be allowed some carbs for the 4th. Well, from that point on, we just never quite got back on track. So, now, I really need to work on my weight and shed some decent pounds off my body. No, not decent...MAJOR pounds! Especially before RAD in July!

Well, I'll post some more later about other stuff. Ta ta for now...