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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Holidays Can Be Tough... 

I just had an IM conversation with an old friend of mine. She left DC, along with her son and some friends, to go spend the holidays with her family in Texas and complete some errands there as well.

Well, on the way during the night, all the luggages and stuff on the top of the car, you know the cargo case and fixtures, flew off. Everyone in the car is Deaf, except the son, who must've been asleep. They didn't notice this until the sun was up.

Anyways, my friend feels really bad because it was her car and I'm assuming she was the driver during this particular time. So, gone are all their clothes, stuff and Christmas gifts. Gone. I felt sick as she was telling me this incident. Of course, she was crying and hurting because she blames herself for this whole thing. I can totally understand how she is feeling. If that happened to me, I would've cried my head off.

The worst part is that she had some Christmas gifts for her son. And now, nothing. You know, she's one of those single mothers that is really having it hard in life but is trying her damnest to get her degree and get a better paying job to provide a better quality of life for her and her son.

Anyways, she's having to start all over for her and her son. I just wanted to go to her and just hug her and let her worries melt away. If only life was that simple.

You know, the holidays can be tough for some people. There are people out there with no families and friends. KT and I have opened up our home for Christmas for a small gathering of our friends. No one deserves to be alone on this special day. Christmas is all about being in the company of people and sharing joy.

I hope that my dad will be alright during this holiday. My mother/his wife passed away last year. So, Mom will definitely be on my mind. In fact, she has been in my mind more frequently than ever before. I'm just remembering the last days with her. I'm ok though. I just wonder about my dad. I do wish we could be together. However, Dad said he's thinking of coming up for Spring Break. I hope so. It'll be good to see him once again.

Anyways, I hope that you can include some people, who are out there with no one, into your home or life, even just for a few hours. You just never know that your small acts of kindness can do wonders for them.

To everyone, have a wonderful holiday season!