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Thursday, December 23, 2004

What About Them? 

I stole the following link from Amanita.

Gay Teen Kicked Out of Christian School

I can relate to this guy. I graduated from a private Christian school. And I was gay. I made sure that my "secret" was so well hidden so that I could graduate from the school.

You might ask why that heck would I wanna graduate from a school that wouldn't have accepted me, as a gay person, in the first place. Well, I just cannot explain it but it was a GREAT school. I excelled in a lot of areas in that school that I graduated as a validictorian.

I guess it wasn't until my sophomore or junior year when I finally accepted, to myself, that I was gay. Of course, growing up in a Christian environment, I knew that it would be seen as a conflict. I enrolled into that school as a 5th grader. I didn't want to be expelled and having to start over in a public school. All my friends went to the private school and I wanted to graduate with them.

I had heard stories from others having to move to another school in their junior or senior year and life hadn't been the same. There is no bond with the new school. I didn't want that for me. Plus, I had no one else to confide, at that time. I felt all alone and I thought it would just be earth-shattering if anyone, especially in the church and school, found out about me being gay.

Even with resources more readily available now than a few years back, it is still scary for gay teens to come out or confide to anyone. They're not blind to the nation's, if not the world's, stance on homosexuality. Until then, we still have a lot on our plate to work on and try to make a better life for our future generation.