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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Fresh Start... 

Ah, my first blog entry for 2005.

I had a long weekend off from work. KT and I were off from work on Friday. Then, of course the weekend. And then, I was off from work on Monday. Really, really nice to get some time away from work and other stuff.

Friday night, we were gonna go out to Halo and celebrate New Year's but found out that everyone was going to someone's house in Columbia for a house party. So, we just headed over to Jon's for a little gathering.

Saturday was a productive day for both of us. We went to Best Buy and got a new refrigerator, which was delivered on Monday. Went to Home Depot and Lowe's to buy a lint trap for the washer, hangers (from all those clothes we got for Christmas), a towel holder for the bathroom, krazy-glue for the glass door that keeps falling off from the entertainment center, and a ceiling fan for the guest room, etc. We were so tempted to buy some furniture there for the house, but had to reinforced each other to hold them off until later.

Sunday was spent relaxing. A frat brother of mine, Chris, had paged me and asked if he could stay at my place for the night before going to Gallaudet to work before school resumes. Sure! So, I picked him up from DCA and brought him over. We had a good time catching up on news and just relaxing.

Monday, I just dropped off KT for work and dropped off Chris at Gally. While at Gally, paid off bills from last semester for both me and KT. Needed a signature from one of the teachers before I can register all my classes but she wasn't there. Will try that next week, when I'm off.

Came home, took a bubble bath. That felt so good, to just relax and read my book in the bathtub. Received the new fridge from Best Buy. And then I finished my book by Patricia Cornwell. Pretty good. You could have to start with the whole series or you'd be lost if you jumped into this book.

Now, I'm reading this...

I call these kinds of books...mellow books. Nothing like mysteries, thrillers, sci-fi's or whatever, just a fictional book about a few characters in a small town, usually, and just trying to find a meaning in life or whatever. So far, really good.

KT went to Urban Outfitters and got a painting for the bathroom. It looks really cute. I'll try to remember to take a pic and post it on here. I think for now, the bathroom is complete. We were just discussing recently what is next on our list that we'd like to get done in or around the house. I think we'll be working on removing the carpet from the living room and dining room. Underneath the carpet is hardwood floor, in really good condition. We just need to buff it and then buy some borders for the edge of the floor. We're really looking forward to have such a beautiful floor for the 2 rooms. We still cannot believe people would want to cover them up!

Well, 2005 is here, believe it or not! Like others, one of my goals is to seriously lose weight. I know that I'm older and therefore will be not quite so easy to lose those stubborn pounds. However, I know I can do it. KT and I really love the new metro station near Gallaudet and we're determined to walk from there to the school instead of taking the shuttle at Union Station. Not much but hey, any little forms of exercise is better than nothing.

It had been a tough year since my mother passed away. Friends around me are forever supportive. KT has been there for me through the whole time and having him by my side really helps me deal with this whole thing. Knowing that I'll never forget Mom, however, I look forward to a new year, new goals, new memories, of course with KT along!

I do wish everyone a fresh start into the new year.


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