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Monday, January 24, 2005

KT's Surprise Birthday... 

I know, I know! I'm behind on blogging.

Last week Sunday was KT's 29th birthday. Prior to that, I wanted to give him a surprise party. However, due to KT's propensity to analyze everything, I knew it would be a challenge. So, I sent out Evites to his friends 3 weeks prior and told them to lie like the devil if KT should ever question anything.

The weekend before KT's birthday, Manny, Cliff, Merritt, Jessy, Jonelle, KT and I met at Halo. It was kinda like a belated NYE gathering because we were all at different places on NYE. So, we decided to get together and catch up. It was our (KT and me) first time at Halo and I have to say that I really like that bar. Smoking banned in there is a plus. Merritt recommended the blueberry mojito and it was oh so good! (They actually mash up the blueberries and mint leaves and mix them into the drink.)
Anyways, KT had asked Manny what he was doing on his particular birth-day. Manny was like "sorry, I have to work and rest up" and similar bullshit. I had to look away because I knew that if Manny looked at me, I would be laughing, which would have clued KT.

It was around this time that KT told me that he did not want to have a surprise party because it was not his thing. I'm thinking...too late!

Then, the night before his birthday, Jon came over with Krista for a short visit. At the end of the visit, KT asked if we could borrow his van, to drop my bike off at a repair shop. Of course, Jon needed the van to get people over to the restaurant where the surprise will take place. It was so funny watching Jon make up lies on the spot. Krista and I were like restraining ourselves from laughing. I had to jump in and take KT's attention away from Jon and tell him that it was alright if we didn't drop off my bike.
However, that didn't satisfy KT. KT went back to asking Jon some more questions. When I had jumped in, it bought Jon a little time to come up with some more lies. So, Jon came up with this lie that he needed the van because he was taking his kids and their friends to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and playtime. What bothered KT about this was that it was gonna take place 1 hour before Jon's football team (Vikings) were gonna play. (Jon and KT must watch football, especially if their respective team is playing.) So, KT found it odd that Jon was willing to go out to CEC and miss some of the game.

The night before KT's birthday, I'm wide awake in bed, tossing and turning. I kept thinking what KT said about not wanting a surprise party. KT isn't a spotlight lover like I am (typical of a Leo). So I was like questioning myself if I should go along with a surprise party. I was actually sweating and nervous. Finally, I told myself, if I get in trouble, then so be it but I actually think he might enjoy it. Of course, I told myself this will be like the last surprise party for KT because then KT will remember all these strange behaviors and talks from his friends.

On the morning of KT's birthday, KT woke up and told me that he was still bothered by Jon. So, I had to produce another lie. I told him that the reason Jon was nervous was because I was taking him to his place for dinner. It wasn't exactly a surprise but that I had told them that they didn't necessarily have to tell you. Well, it seemed that KT bought that.

Anyways, we got dressed and took off to go out to eat for lunch. I'm driving and KT is asking all kinds of questions, like where are we going to eat at. We're on this 2 week thing with the South Beach diet to get rid of the water weight. So, he was concerned where we were going to eat. I told him not to worry because I had went there the day before to negotiate the menu selections for those on the low-carb diets. That seems to satisfy him. What even helped me was that Manny and Krista were IM'ing him on his pager to distract him. Krista was acting like she really was at CEC. Manny was talking about this huge sale at IKEA. I just had to turn away to hide my smirks.

We get to Tia's and I parked in an area that we never park before. (KT said that was his first clue that something was up. Dammit! However, I had to park there because I realized that I hadn't communicated to Jon to park elsewhere so that KT wouldn't recognize his van.) So, we get out and walk to the restaurant. I'm walking slightly faster than KT and I see Jon's van on the other side of the restaurant. I'm thinking...shit! However, I saw on the reflection of the entrance door that behind me KT is busy chatting on his pager. So, I allowed him to chat until he got to the door. And then, I led him to the group. Surprise!

KT's first reaction was that he was red in the face. LOL (He had told me that when he suspected something was up, he expected maybe 5 or 6 people but instead there were 24 people. I told him that there could have been about 8 more but they couldn't make it.) After we "sang" to KT for his birthday, I told everyone that it would be the last day anyone would see me alive because KT is gonna kill me after the party. LOL KT said he really was surprised and that I was successful. Yes!

Anyways, KT had a wonderful time, along with his friends. Afterwards, everyone left to Jon's house for a gathering. Manny, Terese, KT and I stayed behind to catch up on news. Then, KT and I headed over to Jon's to hang out all night. We had a great time that we had to start our 2 week diet all over again. But it was worth it!

I told him that the reason I did it was because if he was 30, then he would've expected a surprise party or something. So, I thought 29 would be a good one to have a surprise party to throw him off.

KT got his bike that he's been wanting for some time! So, we're just both waiting for warm weather before we'll ride our bikes.