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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Stolen From Others... 

Here are a few stories that I've read from other blogs...

Awesome For Deafies

I got this from Meryl's blog. AOL and MCI have partnered to provide a unique service for Deafies. You can now get your own relay number instead of having to explain the whole relay process to hearies. People will call your number and the relay operator will relay the messages to your AIM and vice versa.

He's Slick, Isn't He?

The Bush Administration wants D.C. to pay for the Inauguration. Bush wants D.C. to pay for it with their homeland security funds, which they have received from Homeland Security for...duh!...security, not the inauguration. The reason D.C. was getting money from HS is because it is a high target for terrorism and else.

Christian Group Charged With Hate Crime

Christian activists are being charged with hate crime because they protested at a gay and lesbian rally in Philadelphia. They can face up to 47 years in prison, if found guilty. I believe this is unprecedented. If convicted, this will surely impact the future of protesting.

(Got the last 2 links from Amanita.)