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Friday, January 14, 2005


You ever do something and then realized that you're a weird person?

Perhaps you have a certain behavioral pattern that just simply cannot be explained.

Maybe you cook something, like in a microwave, in intervals of minutes, instead of the whole full time, just simply because.

Or maybe you say some humorous stuff and yet you're the only one that's laughing at your own joke, among friends or whomever.

Or maybe you catch yourself talking/venting to yourself and look around to make sure no one caught you.

Or you hold stock in a certain superstition, despite the raised eyebrows from others.

Or you yell/sing out words out of the blue.

Or maybe you'll do some outrageous dances/moves in the dark when no one is around.

Or maybe you can relate almost 100% (if not totally) with that anal-retentive/OCD detective from The Monk.

Anyways, my question was that do you ever catch yourself in a moment, after doing something or whatever, and gasped "I'm so weird sometimes"?

Yeah? Me too.

No? Well, good for you! Pfffft!