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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Duty Calls... 

Shit! Last night, I got home from work and checked the mailbox. Guess what? I got a summon for jury duty. Ugh!

Usually, I wouldn't have mind doing jury duty but it't just wrong timing. Graduate school (tons of readings/research/assignments) and work really take most of my time, with very little social life. I'm pretty sure work and school will be understanding about jury duty. But I like to stay on top of things and not get behind, especially with school.

I guess each state is different with jury duty. I remember when I got a summon in Texas, I was able to excuse myself because I was a full-time student. Maryland offered no such exemption. So, I have to go.

However, there is little hope that I might not have to go. I have to call the night before and see if my number has been called or not to come in for jury selection. So, I'm hoping my number won't be selected to come in.

*fingers crossed*