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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Legacy Left Behind... 

From time to time, I'm reminded by others just how much my mother is missed by others as well as her influence, especially in our families.

Two nights ago, I got a suprise package from a longtime girlfriend of my cousin's. We've long since accepted her as a part of our familial circles. She was really thoughtful. She had remembered how my mother used to send me Mexican food and candies and other stuff, found only in Texas. Well, she sent me a little candle and two bags of Mexican candies. I was truly touched by that. It was also nice to get a little note from her.

That wasn't all. Included was a mail from one of my favorite aunts, Lucy. I just realized that the last time I saw her was the day we buried my mother. Actually, that was the last time I saw anyone from my family. Anyways, my aunt was telling me just how much my mother was missed. My mother was actually her best friend and just really miss being with her, especially hearing her laughter.

There were hints in the letter that our families have slowly become distant with each other. It just made me realize, again, that Mom was truly the glue that held us all together. Now, that glue is gone.

Anyways, it was nice to hear from my aunt. She even included a $20 dollarbill. She didn't have to do that. But, that's my aunt...always giving...just like my mother.

Ha ha. That last sentence above reminded me of a memory. Mom and I would often go visit my aunt Lucy and my cousins. And everytime we go out, like to the mall or to a restaurant or wherever, Lucy and Mom would "fight" over some money to compensate for gas usage. If Lucy was driving, Mom would give her a $20 and Lucy would refuse it. Mom would try to sneak it in her purse and Lucy would find it and throw it back to Mom. The same would be done if Mom was driving. They were always thoughtful. It came to the point where my cousins and I would imitate them in the backseats and we'd have Mom and Lucy laughing so hard.

Anyways, I know that all of us will never ever forget Mom because she is missed...sorely.

I'll have to send my aunt and my cousin's girlfriend a thank-you card.

ta ta...