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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Modern Day Robin Hood? 

Members of PETA had been burning fur coats or threw paint (usually red) at people who would wear them.

Now, they're doing something different. They're giving donated fur coats to the homeless. Their reason is that "we can't bring the lives of these animals back". I'm thinking...well, throwing paint at people who wear fur coats isn't gonna bring the animals back as well.

Another reason is that fur coat should provide warmth, not vanity, for the owners. Ah, so is that a subtle hint that it's ok to kill animals -- as long as it provides warmth?

Anyways, the homeless people are really loving the fur coats. One lady claimed that it's an "esteem booster". That doesn't sound like it is in reference to the warmth but about the fur coat (vanity). However, I'm not criticizing coats for the homeless. I'm all in favor for the homeless to stay warm during the harsh winters.

To me, seems that PETA is acting like Robin Hood. Bad to those who wear fur coats for vanity but turn around and give fur coats to the homeless.

Hmmm... *scratches head*