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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Old and Gray... 

This morning while walking from Gallaudet to NY Metro, KT mentioned about how I would be 31 this year and that I'd soon start complaining of my body aching here and there. I was thinking like..."gee, thanks for reminding me the joys of growing old".

Actually, I think it's funny. Not too long ago, I had a online conversation with Cliff and we were talking about aching in certain parts of our bodies and soon the increase of medicine intake. Cliff couldn't understand what was going on and I told him..."honey, you may be the youngest in the group but you're getting old too".

We're getting old. Some of us have already left the 20's age group and moved on into the 30's. The rest are soon exiting, including KT. Mwaahahaha! It really is amazing that we'll be witnessing ourselves and our friends and loved ones grow old.

Pretty soon we'll be complaining about our gassy stomachs, arthritic joints and predict the weather, wear glasses (if not already), drive slower, develop wrinkles, pop in some Viagra pills and everything that comes with growing old.

The other night at Cobalt, I was commenting that Toby and KT already have white hair in their head. For some people, they'd immediately run to CVS or Walgreen's and buy some dye to mask white hair. However, Toby and KT seem to pretty much accepted it and not wanna dye their heads. Manny and I were commenting how we both have found white hair in our goatees. Waaaah!


Life is funny. When we're young, we wished that we were older. Now that we're older, we wish we were younger. Can't make up our minds, eh?


I'm sure that when we were younger, we never really thought our parents were OLD. But as we grow up, we see our parents grow old.

I remember an episode on Roseanne. Roseanne was just really sassy with her mother and just couldn't figure out why. They finally sat down to talk it out. Roseanne commented that she had noticed in the past few days that her mother was getting old and it just registered in her mind and she said "...and you're dragging me with you!"

I never thought my mother as old. I think that was because she was young at heart. Plus, she was always positive about live and spewing little sayings like "be happy" or "life's too short to be angry" or "forgive quickly" or "smile!" and other stuff. Now, my dad...he's another story. Everytime I see him, his hair gets whiter and whiter. I also noticed that he's losing his hearing little by little. So, yeah, he's getting old...and cranky.


You ever read or write something and you're reminded of a song or a passage and it keeps playing over and over in your head? 'Old and Gray...' reminded me of a song by Amy Grant and it's just playing repeatedly in my head. Here's an excerpt (I believe from "I'll Be Waiting/The Prodigal"):

I'll be waiting
I may be young or old and gray
Counting the days
But I'll be waiting
And when I finally see you come
I'll run when I see you
I'll meet you