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Monday, February 14, 2005

Reading Less, Playing More... 

Hmmmph! On Friday, after school and dropping KT off to work, I came home and cleaned up our humble abode. We were gonna have a couple friends come over for dinner and enjoy my baked potato soup and perhaps play a couple games afterwards.

I usually can make this soup in under 2 hours because I just make enough for me and KT. However, it took me 4 hours to prepare. I didn't complain because I was enjoying the time I spent on preparing as well as cleaning and washing laundry.

KT got off work and I went to pick him up. Came home and finished up and soup and make some last minute cleaning and folded laundry and put them away.

You know how when you get home from work, you're just starving for a hearty dinner. Well, KT was hungry but I told him to wait til friends came by and we could all eat to our heart's content.

5 minutes passed by on the agreed time. Then, 10 minutes. I thought, typical of DST (Deaf Standard Time), which I'm sure does bother each of us from time to time. 15 minutes and I'm starting to worry if they're ok. 20 minutes and I'm peeking out the window every 10 seconds. 25 minutes and I'm testing the doorbell and the flashing light inside to make sure it worked. 30 minutes and I get a feeling that we're being stood up but go into denial mode and start cleaning some more. KT asked me how long did I expect to wait before we'd eat. I told him I'd wait an hour after the agreed time. 40 minutes later, I get a page from a friend of a friend that plans changed.

Geez! Thanks for telling me! All that time spent wasted. Well, not really, at least KT and I enjoyed the soup. Since I made so much, we're still having leftovers.

Yeah, I was upset and KT let me vented out my frustration. Then, KT did took me out bowling to get my mind off of things. We ended up having a great time. I love to go bowling and only wished we had done so more often. I think we will!


Saturday, we got together with Manny and stroll through the flea market at Eastern Market and bought various stuff.

Then, we met up with Toby for dinner at Guapo's in Tenleytown. It was my second time there and I should've stayed with the chicken quesdillas. I had chimichanga and it wasn't that great. Next time, I'll try the fajitas.

Afterwards, we went to Cobalt in Dupont Circle and had a good time.


Sunday, dropped off Manny at his place after spending the night at our's. Then, went to Kendall Apts to attend a kid's birthday party. Whoo, after watching the kids run around like crazy for an hour was enough for me.

I was supposed to go to a meeting afterwards but an email exchange (thread) prior led to some unnecessary pressures and thoughtlessness of others. I was afraid that if I showed up at the meeting I might lose my temper or do something unprofessional. So, I thought a month's break would do wonders for everyone, including me.

Came home and caught up on some readings for classes. Then, KT and I went out to Red Lobster's for an early Valentine's Day dinner.

KT and I work from 7:30 to 6:30 on Mondays and we knew that we would probably not be in the mood to go out and deal with the mass crowd and waiting time in restaurants. So, after work, we'll come home and enjoy a delicious meal.

Anyways, I had an ok weekend. I'm looking forward to a romantic evening with KT.


LOL! I was reading QueenAlpo's blog about communication between her and CK in regards to dinner. It's like you can have so many talk about communication and how to improve on it. Communication is improved and yet you find yourselves needing to working out some kinks. So those kinks solved and then more communication issues pop up. It's like....arrrghhhh...why can't we just have perfect communication?!?! Ah, such is life.

ta ta for now...