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Monday, March 28, 2005

5 More Weeks! 

It feels so good to be back at work, only for one reason...access to the Internet! The computer at home has been misbehaving and has forbidden access to the Internet. Isn't that frustrating?!?! So, I'm behind on emails, blogs and news. So, I'll be posting quite a number of entries today. So, keep checking my blog throughout the day.

We had an awesome time at the circus on Thursday night. I'll be posting some pictures here whenever I can get the computer to behave. I didn't take many pictures of the circus itself because there were constant motions and it didn't show up well in the camera. However, I did take a few and will post them here soon.

Friday was a nice break from class because it was cancelled and so will this Friday's class. Yay! This week will be a heavy week for me and KT as we have exams, papers and a presentation due. However, I just keep telling myself that it's only 5 more weeks til school is over for the summer. I so cannot wait!

Sunday was Easter. The weather was just gloomy. We got up and went downstairs. KT had some Easter gifts for me. What was funny was that we both got each other the same card game, Zigity, for Easter. So, we'll have to return one. Of course, we got each other some candies, which is perfect because I've just been craving for some.
We went out for brunch with Jon, Krista, Wendi, Maureen and the kids at Chesapeake Bay. It's been a tradition for the past 4 years or so. Came home and relaxed a bit. Then, we headed out to Fairfax to hang out with the Officer Family and Cindy's folks. It was our second time there and still have traffic on a Sunday. There's not supposed to be traffic on the weekends, right?!?!
We had an awesome time with these people. Played Zigity with them and I have to say that it was an interesting game. It's very similar to Uno in some ways. While we were playing, we got into some deep philosophical discussions and it was enjoyable. KT and I had to reinforce each other to leave early. We enjoy their company so much that previously we've came home extremely late and then come into work late or whatever. But, we're not complaining! *wink*
Cindy is having her baby soon this week so we know we'll definitely be seeing the family again!
I took some pictures for this small Easter gathering and will post some pictures as well...soon! (Well, might be longer because we forgot to bring our digital camera. So, we went into a store and got a disposable camera. Hafta go get it developed.)

That pretty much summed up our Easter weekend. Simple and relaxing.

Have a great day!