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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Evil Weather Forecasters... 

All that hype about getting 6 to 12 inches of snow...and getting only like 1 or 2 inches. KT and I were excited with the possibility of not having to go to work or school today. We wake up and looked outside...what a joke! Mere inches of snow.

These weather people...get us all excited for nothing. Yet, we fall for it just about every time.

On a side note, what's up with the federal government not in sync with schools and other places? My work follows the federal government. If the gov't let its employees go home early, we get to go home early as well. Well, this morning, the schools were either closed or announced delays in classes. The gov't said they will be operating on time. Not that I work for the gov't or have kids or whatever, but this forces the parents to use their annual/sick leave as they have to stay home from work or find some other alternatives to get their kids to school. In this day and age, both parents usually have to work so it'll usually be 1 parent who will have to stay behind at home, using up annual leave.

And that's not just for today but it's been happening previously.


Some time ago, I blogged about Terri Schiavo. Since then, there was some developments but I didn't blog about them. However, I just had to blog about the recent development.

Before I get to that, I'll bring you up to date what's been happening since I last blogged about Terri. Terri's husband, Michael, won an order to have the feeding tube removed from Terri. Within hours, Terri's parents were able to produce a stay to leave the feeding tube in.

This is just tragic because Terri has been in a vegetative state for 15 years. Over time, in a vegetative state, Terri's internal organs, especially her brain, has literally dissolved.

So, what's happening now? Terri's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, asked a judge to grant Terri a divorce from her husband. Their reasons is that they feel that Michael has been committing adultery and not acting for the best interests of Terri. Just how STOOPID is that?!?! First of all, Michael has been trying for YEARS to get the feeding tube removed from Terri because he feels that in would be in the best interests for everyone, including Terri, to let her go from this earth. However, her parents have been able to prevent that from happening. So, I'm sure that Michael, aside from all this, has needs and desires to be fulfilled. After all, Terri cannot meet his needs. Just what is he supposed to do?!?!?

A judge has ruled that the feeding tube will be removed from Terri on March 18th. So, of course her parents are fighting this. So, they came up with this "brilliant" tactic...by having Terri divorce from Michael...so that they can have control over their daughter's so-called life. Hey, what a minute, what about Terri's best interests?

This is just really sad. I know that we never want to let go or say goodbye to our loved ones but that is life. I'm sure that Terri's parents are bitter towards Michael and will continue to be once the feeding tube is removed. They just need to wake up and realize that Michael has been trying to do the best for Terri, all these years.

Once again, if you haven't done so, make out a living will that will dictate to medical professionals whether or not you desire to be resuscitated or put on ventilation systems.

ta ta for now...