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Monday, March 21, 2005

How Much is a Full Body Lipo? 

Friday was nice to be off from school and work. Last week was Spring Break, so KT and I did have a break from school. However, we still had to work. KT was off from work Thursday and Friday. I was off on Friday.

Anyways, on Thursday, he had his "me" time along with some errands to complete. Friday, I had my "me" time. KT went out shopping all day long, just so I could have time to myself at home. Awww, he is really thoughtful. So, it was nice to by myself and do something around the house.

Saturday was a beautiful day. We decided to go out biking. Whooooo, was I out of shape! KT had previously biked to this particular destination which is quite a distance. I thought why not and just enjoy the day. Halfway there and I'm huffing and puffing and shaking. I tried to keep going but I was just out of shape. Now, just how bad is that?!?! We took a short cut home. About 2 or 3 blocks from home, I had to get off the bike and walk the rest. Came home, put my bike away, drank up some water, sat on the couch and napped. I was worn out! When I woke up, my body was sore! Isn't there like an instant pill that makes you lose ALL the extra weight within hours? No? Dammit! Ok, so how much would it be for a full body lipo?

I'm so glad that Spring is here and that it arrived a day early. That should mean that warm weather is near and the days will start to be longer. I can soon come home from work and go out for a little bike riding. I love to bike but just need to get back in shape.

Cliff came over for dinner. Had a good time with him. Played Phase 10 - dice version. (How'cha like that, Cliff?)

Sunday was a gloomy day, thanks to the rain. Had a productive RAD Committee meeting. Came home and enjoyed my last day of Spring Break with KT.

Before heading to bed, we watched Suspiria. Talk about visually stimulating! Trippy! While you might not like the story plot, you will definitely love the props and the colors. Sometimes, I like to watch old movies or shows and laugh at the primitiveness of such technology or plots, which were considered the newest stuff at that time. KT had noticed that it was rated R. I had to laugh because it's like rated PG according to today's standards. Times have changed, eh?

I Googled this movie and apparently is a classic of Dario Argento's. I'd definitely watch this movie again.