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Saturday, March 12, 2005

One Year! 

Today, my blog is 1 year old!

Wow, a year has passed by and I've actually kept this blog updated on a regular basis. Better than I did with a regular journal...I think it's because it's online and I'm practically glued to the computer.

Before last year, of course, I had never heard of a blog. Ridor was the first to let me know about his. I had read about his for some time before it started to catch on with other people, like with Cliff and Kekua.

When Cliff and Kekua got one of their own, they were after me to get one. I was like...what the heck for? But their persistency paid off and I soon opened one up.

I was reading my very first entry, which you can find in the Archives on the side. It said that if I blog more regularly than Cliff and Kekua, I will slap them so hard that my hand print will be forever "tattooed" on them. And guess what? I have blogged more regularly than them, so it's time for them to get their reward. Oooo, I'm gonna have fun with that!

Anyways, I enjoyed blogging and look forward to another year. I hope that you've enjoyed make a stop here to read up on my life and thoughts. Thanks to all who have made some comments, some have been interesting and some, thought-provoking.

ta ta...