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Monday, March 28, 2005

Real Women Have Curves 

Real Women Have Curves was an enjoyable movie. Filmed with a Hispanic cast even made it more enjoyable for me.

The movie had me and KT laughing in some parts. In some other parts of the movie, I kept telling KT that it was so true in regards to the Hispanic cultural norms.

This movie is basically about a young teenager, Ana, who has just graduated from high school. She wanted to go on to college but her family told her that it would be in the best interest of the family for her to stay and work to help out the family. She also has to deal with her mother's constant berating about her weight. She's pressured to lose weight so that she can get married. Her older sister is overweight and hasn't landed herself with a man. Therefore, the mother works harder on Ana with the hopes she'll get grandchildren.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie, especially if you enjoyed Tortilla Soup or What's Cooking? I totally loved how a struggling Hispanic family was portrayed in this film with no exaggeration.

It made me miss my own family, especially my mother while watching this movie. I definitely wanna own a DVD of this movie.