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Friday, March 18, 2005

Some Movies... 

Earlier this week, KT and I have watched some movies, along with Saw, which I have already blogged about it.

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Dodgeball was ok. This isn't one of Ben Stiller's funniest movies. Some scenes were funny but doesn't stand out. You're not missing anything if you haven't seen this yet.

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Exorcist: The Beginning had started off good but then just plummeted. It couldn't keep your attention on the movie all the way to the end. It could have been shorter and scarier. Again, you're not missing anything if you haven't seen this.

Funny thing I just thought of. My mother was pregnant with me when she saw the original Exorcist with Linda Blair. She told me that there was a really scary scene that she had screamed and the popcorn tub had flew out of her hands into the air, letting the popcorn erupt and land all over the place.

Now, I never saw any of the Exorcist movies. So, 30 years later, I finally see one. Alas, it wasn't scary enough to be enjoyed.

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Now, The Mudge Boy was an interesting movie. KT had seen it not too long ago and had told me about it. When I was watching this movie last night, I kept telling KT that he didn't tell me about some scenes. He just laughed. It is fucked up, especially with the chicken. You just have to watch it to know what I'm talking about. I recommend this movie.

Hmmm, I wanna go to the theatre and watch a movie but there isn't any that really stand out that make me wanna go see it. I wonder what movies will come out in the summer.

Anyways, have a wonderful weekend!

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