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Thursday, March 24, 2005


I'm looking forward to going to the circus tonight! It was an annual tradition with my parents and I to go to the circus whenever they came into town. I love going there and begging my parents to get me a thing or two.

Then, I came to DC for Gallaudet. From there, I hadn't been back to the circus. Last year, I told KT that I miss going to the circus and would love to see one in town. So, when the circus came last year, I decided to surprise KT with tickets to the circus. We really enjoyed ourselves there. I was surprised to learn that it was KT's first time to the circus. I thought for sure everyone has been to one. Not!

Well, tonight we'll be going with Roe, her sister, Elizabeth, Cliff and the Officer family. Last night, I just found out that it'll be Cliff's first time to the circus. Wowie!

I will try my darnest to take some pictures. KT and I do carry our digital camera to places and events but we're just so awful with actually taking pictures. Seriously, I wanna take some pictures and post them here later.

My weekend starts tonight because tomorrow's class has been cancelled. Yay-ness! However, I do have to try to complete one take-home test before I can actually enjoy the rest of Easter weekend.


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