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Monday, March 14, 2005

What Would You Do? 

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You have to check out this thriller. I have to say that I enjoyed the movie and had me asking myself and others about what would we do if we were put in that situation. Personally, I think I'd go insane along with the adrenaline pumping throughout my body.

It was like watching Cellular but scarier.

In these intense situations, we all react differently. We become unpredictable. This morning I was reading about the woman in Georgia. She remained calm while she was Brian Nichols' hostage for 13 hours. I have to applaud her for being able to remain calm and create some dialogues with Nichols.

For some of us, we'd scream and cry our head off and probably would have been shot to death.

I am sure some of us have been in some eerie situations, myself included, and our survival mode kicks in. Perhaps, in another blog entry, I'll tell you about some eerie situations I've been in.

Anyways, check out Saw when you can!


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Yesterday, I was reading the Sunday's paper and came across the weekly Parade magazine. I always enjoy reading the annual tradition of showing what people earn across the nation. It is interesting to see how much people make in what they do for a living and where they are located.

Some jobs I thought would rake in some serious money and yet only brought in a low or decent pay. Some jobs I thought were not big money makers and yet they were. Of course, there are so many factors to consider when looking at the salaries earned by various people.

I was thinking to myself, if there was a Deaf version to show how much Deafies earned across the nation, would Deafies be willing to disclose their salaries (accurately, that is)? This is probably a pointless question. However, the reason I asked was because a lot of Deafies are privy to certain information. Their reasons are often that someone is stalking them or that the Deaf world is small and they are not comfortable with disclosing some information.

At the same time, I think it would be interesting to see what Deafies earn to see if we are on the same paying level, or close enough, with our hearing counterparts. Or far from it. Or far ahead of it.

So, if there was an article that showed what Deafies earn across the country, would you disclose your salary?


I just thought the following information, from Washington Post Express, was intersting to share:

2 -- The number of children female cabin crew members for Malaysia Airlines can have before they must resign. They also must retire 10 years earlier than men, at age 45.

Talk about discrimination!


Can you believe that this month will mark 2 years since Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" has been on the market? It's still going strong. The sale has been fantastic that the publisher still hasn't set a date for the paperback edition.


It feels so good to come to work at normal hours. This week is Spring Break from school. Yeah, everyone else is out on vacation, except me and KT. It was nice to sleep in a little and come to work an hour and a half later. We definitely cannot wait til summer rolls around so we can work normal hours.

Well, I better get back to work. ta ta for now...