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Monday, March 07, 2005

Wonderful, Wonderful! 

Friday night, KT and I went to see the Vagina Monologues.

I had read the book before, offered by a lesbian friend of mine. I was really impressed with it. Since then, it had been featured on HBO/Showtime and hosted numerous performances. I've always wanted to go and check it out but never had the chance. Just found out that PKZ had hosted one last year or so.

Until this year, I was like...I'm going!

Earlier that day, we had been dealing with some stuff, especially our car. Let's just say that last week was just a LONG week, filled with stress. Friday didn't feel like "TGIF". KT was developing a terrible headache and getting pale. I was just stressed and concerned.

However, thanks to Rosey for offering her room at the dorm for a little relaxation and meeting Jillian. KT was able to rest up while I went out and got dinner for both of us. After we ate and KT was starting to feel better, we decided to head out to watch the performance. (There was a chance that we would not be able to go if KT was still not feeling well.)

We get there and saw CK and turned out that CK was having the same symptoms as KT had earlier. Aww, we know he was there for his wife, Allison but he was just not feeling well but remained there the whole time.

Anyways, I truly enjoyed myself at the performance. Some monologues were hilarious and others, heart-touching. Of course, the highlight was definitely Allison's monologue. It was THE BEST! KT and I were like...our close friends would definitely enjoy this show.

Unfortunately, most of our friends were planning to come for Saturday's performances, but it was sold out! Why did they not buy tickets in advance?!?! All I know is that they missed out a wonderful performance.

I had thought about going to DPHH after the Vagina Monologues but with what happened to our car and dealing with other stuff, I was like...I'm not in the mood to be in a crowded place right now, even though it just happened to be the weekend where old friends have decided to fly/drive into town and hang out. I would have loved to come out and see them but after the show, KT and I were only thinking about coming home, kicking off our shoes and just plop our tired asses on the couch.

Anyways, the money spent on the performance was well worth it. All the women who performed and everyone else (the crew) who helped out all did a wonderful job! Loved it!!!