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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Dr., I'd Like a Prescription For..." 

With an effort to curb the production and addiciton of methamphetamine, Target will not longer allow open access to OTC medicine that treat colds and allergies, specifically those that contain pseudoephedrine. Instead, they will only be sold from the pharmacy section. There are about 300 Target stores that do not have a pharmacy and therefore, will not sell cold/allergy medicine at all.

Target will be the first to do so with this action. I wouldn't be surprised if other stores follow suit, which will obviously change consumer shopping.

However, I just have a slight problem with getting OTC medicine from the pharmacy. You just come up to the pharmacy and ask for it? Do you have to prove that you are sick? What if you're getting medicine for someone else, lying in bed at home? Will the pharmacy give it to you for someone else? How will the pharmacy determine who will get medicine and who will be denied? Will they be keeping a list of "frequent customers" and decide from there?

Now, I love Target. KT loves it more than I do, especially since we have one less than a mile from home. However, I think that Target's solution will be problematic for the general consumers.

Whadda think?