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Monday, April 11, 2005

Hey Mister! 

Friday night, I met up with Cliff to go to DPHH together. We metro'd to Gordon Biersch where DPHH was held. Met KT and Beth there. The four of us had a great time, chatting and having drinks. We had to leave early because of an early event the next morning.

Cliff came over and spent the night with us.

Some time ago, Cliff wanted to set up a monthly gathering of Deaf queers. He'd thought something like a "mini-movie festival" or rather an appreciation of movies or shows by fellow Deaf queers.

So, Saturday was the first gathering at my house. We were gonna watch the trilogy of Lord of the Rings. Yes, all 3 of them! We had set this up a couple weeks before but people already had plans for BrickFest and others. Nonetheless, we decided to still have it. One, it would be a monthly thing so we knew that attendance would vary. Two, it was the only good time for me and KT because afterwards, we'll be extremely busy as we are coming to the close of the school year. So, only a few people would show up for this event.

Well, something happened yesterday that caused some drama, which wasn't necessary...so one didn't show up (actually two) for the movie. Another one overslept and we were already getting ready to watch the last movie.

So, it was just us three and a plethora of junk food! It'll be a couple months before I'd even dare get on a scale.

Afterwards, Mr. Cliff and I chatted more about this gathering. (The three of us started calling each other "Mr. (name)". I had brought a question during the movies. Why were people, especially Sam, calling Frodo, Mr. Frodo? Where did this salutation of "Mr." come from?

Anyways, we were chatting and realized we wanted to make it flexible to include other events and not just watching movies. We'd have a wine and cheese party, game nights, BBQ's or whatever. So, Cliff has set up a forum, The Kitchen, for local Deaf Queers to participate in discussions and check for updates and announcements for the next social gatherings at various locations.

We all had a great time, watching the movies and chatting. Sometimes, small groups are the best.

Hopefully, someone else will be willing to host the next DQ social gathering next month. See y'all there!

ta ta...