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Monday, April 04, 2005

Shortened Weekend... 

Friday was a good day, especially after I was done with this one particular paper. It's basically one step of a few towards a big project. However, this first step was the biggest. Today, these papers come back and I know that my paper has been riddled with red ink throughout. Oh well.

I also kept telling myself not to fall for any jokes or prank on this day, April Fool's. KT usually pulls one on me but surprisingly he didn't. Alas, I had been tricked. I was busy working on a paper, when I got an IM from an old childhood friend of mine, EL. No "hi" or whatever...just "I'm really am upset with you because of what you did". I was like...shit, what did I do? So, I replied asking her to tell me what I did that offended her. Next came a LOL and "gotcha!" Damn! I owe her one and cannot wait to pay her back! :-P

Well, since I fell for her prank, I had to get my own victim. I saw Roe had signed online...ah, what a sign from God. So, I buttered her up with some sweet talks and asked her all kinds of questions. It got to the point where she just kept talking and I remained quiet for a reason. When the timing was perfect, I told her that I had just vomited in the computer lab and had to rush out to the bathroom to get some paper towels to clean up the mess. She freaked out and kept asking if I was alright. She was so worried she was gonna come by the computer lab. Then, I went gotcha! *evil laughter* That felt good.

I tried to use this scenario on KT but it didn't work. Damn!

Friday night, KT and I had a date with Manny and Merritt at Tapatini's, in the Eastern Market/Capitol Hill area. Cozy litte bar (too little for my taste). I still haven't developed a taste for martinis...yet. Wanted Amaretto Sour but they were out...so settled for Long Island Tea.

You would think that after a long stressful week, I'd sleep in late on Saturday. Nope. Got up bright (well, it was gloomy outside) and early, along with KT and started some Spring cleaning. Felt so productive!

Jon came over to check out our computer. Seems that I'll have to call Comcast and have them come over and replace that black thingy. Dunno wha'cha call them but they're like mini towers.

I NEED the Internet! I have photos to post. Been doing a good job lately with taking photos. I need to catch up on news. I was like the last person to know that the Pope had passed away. I cannot wait for the pooter to get well.

Roe and Berna came over to play some games. We played Zigity, Uno and Boggle. Gosh, we hadn't played Uno in ages. It was funny because in the first round, we were all like..."no, this is how we played Uno", etc. We had to get the rules out and read. It was definitely not like the way I used to play. So, we agreed that we'll play by the Uno rules. The winner gets to add a rule for the next round, which will be carried through other rounds, along with new rules added. Challenging, but fun!

Sunday, I headed over to the Holocaust Museum to check out the Deadly Medicine exhibit for a reaction paper for a class. We'd been discussing eugenics for quite some time.

Oh goodness! If you ever wanna go sightseeing or hang out anywhere near the Mall, you better pencil in 2 hours in your planner...just to find a parking space! It was horrible!

It was an interesting exhibit, yet appalling to see. Hitler's "racial hygiene" put down MILLIONS of Jews and other people to death. How could anyone do such a thing? How could other people just stand by and do nothing?

It was nice yet sad to watch a personal interview of a Deaf (Jewish?) woman who had been sent, by her parents under orders, to the hospital for a surgery. She discovered years later that she had been sterilized and cried that she would never be able to bear children.

I hope that if you have a chance, you'll check out the exhibit.

Before tucking ourselves for the night, we watched New York Minute, starring the Olsen twins. Cute but somewhat cheesy movie. It seemed it was made for their tweenish audience/fans.

Well, 4 more weeks before school is done and then it's summer time! I just cannot wait!

I'm excited about this coming Thursday night. One of my mother's best friends had emailed me recently. She'll be in town, along with her husband and son. She wanted to get together for dinner and catch up. I'm excited and nervous! I'm excited because I'll finally get to see someone from my hometown. (Even though, her daughter and I talk to each other online on a regular basis. We've known each other since we were 3rd graders.) I look forward to see her and catch up...maybe get the inside scoop on my dad and other people. I'm nervous because I'm not sure what will happen when we meet. I'm afraid I'll just break down from a burst of emotions when I see her. We last saw each other on the day my mother was buried.
Regardless of what will happen, I'm happy that I was thought of and we will meet. I shall let you know what happens from that.

That reminds me about something else. I had another film developed of my mother. This one particular roll was during my mother's 48th birthday, which was about 3 weeks before she passed away. Damn, I miss her!

I think I recall a recent photo of Mom and this friend together. I'm gonna look for it and find a frame to give it to her on Thursday night.

ta ta for now...