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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


It felt so good to be finish with school last Thursday night. Graduate studies is definitely nothing like undergraduate studies. However, I have to say that despite the frustration and challenges, I actually enjoyed graduate school. Looking back, my first year of graduate studies actually went by fast. So, one down and one to go!

KT and I went to DPHH in Alexandria, VA on Friday night. We got there so early to meet up with friends for dinner but it was changed. We ended up having a casual dinner with an acquantance, Bird, a former blogger. It was good to catch up with him and talk through a range of topics. Afterwards, we headed to DPHH and played a few rounds of pool. While I don't proclaim to be good at it, I enjoy playing pool for fun.

We planned to take off afterwards but of course, ran into some friends and stayed there longer than expected. Hung out mostly with KT, Kekua and Faisal. Good to see them once again!

I cannot remember that last time I actually slept late as was done last Saturday. Felt so good not having to get up so early in the morning and catch up on my sleep.

Anyways, went biking again. Still huffing and puffing but actually made it around the route that KT takes. Made it home alive and was so proud of myself. Just gotta keep at it and will be able to handle it with no problem.

Oh...forgot to say that Thursday, our car decided to go "ker-plunk!". No, really, the starter isn't working! Sigh...car problems...what else is new?!? Anyways, went car shopping. Whooo...car shopping can be energy draining! And those persistent salesmen don't help! It'll be a few days before we'll decide on a car or if we'll just fix up our old car. See see...

Sunday was just a beautiful day which I know was perfect for many mothers during Mother's Day. It was also Dani's birthday, KT's goddaughter. Cannot believe she's already 3! She was just a little baby not too long ago and now growing up. Time does fly, eh?

Anyways, I'm so ready for the summer! I've already resumed my leisure reading on books that I got for Christmas. I know...I have lots of reading to catch up!

Hopefully this summer, I'll be able to fly to Texas for a visit with family and friends and of course, a visit to Mom's grave.

Despite the complaints from peers and such, I am looking forward to RAD and I'm just gonna make the best of it.

KT and I are gonna try to do some of our portfolios for our teaching career. We got a glimpse of someone else's and did a fantastic job. That should be a fun project to do for the summer.

Of course, summers are perfect times for renovations around the house. Hopefully, we'll get to do some minor jobs here and there.

Not exactly a vacation but at least KT and I will get out of town for this weekend to beautiful North Carolina. KT's dad and stepmother will be flying in NC for a reunion. So, we'll get to see KT's mom and dad on separate days and an old childhood friend of KT's. Should be a fun weekend!

Unfortunately, I'll miss the Gallaudet graduation on Friday. I'd like to extend an early CONGRATULATIONS! to dear friends and acquaintances of mine. Best of luck in your future endeavors!