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Monday, May 23, 2005

Big River 

Saturday afternoon, KT, Manny, Cliff and I met at Ford Theatre for a matinee performance of Big River.

It was actually a good show! I was truly amazed by the choreography of the cast and the set design. I was impressed by Christopher Corrigan's performance as Huckleberry Finn. Andres "Flash" Otalora was superb in various characters.

Just a couple complaints... We could not understand Michael McElroy's ("Jim") signs. Of course, didn't help that he talked and signed simultaneously. Thank goodness I had read QueenAlpo's blog about I-Caption. The captioning device helped understand what Jim and a couple other characters were saying because their signs were just bad. Secondly, the myth will still carry on by hearing people that signs and English are the same. Those hearing actors were signing each word with a corresponding sign. ASL is a language with its own grammatical structures and rules, independent of English. Sigh...

It was all of our first time at Ford Theatre. We were looking at the spot where Lincoln was assassinated. It's a cute little theatre building. However, despite the cushions on the seats, the seats became uncomfortable after about half an hour. The seats have got to be replaced to ensure comfort for the duration of a performance.

Nonetheless, I'd recommend y'all to see Big River. You, Deafies...if you go, be sure to get your hand on an I-Caption device and enjoy!

ta ta...