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Monday, May 02, 2005

Can't Have It Your Way... 

Last night, KT and I drove our way to Burger King, near Gallaudet, for dinner before heading to Gallaudet and work on our papers. However, we discovered along with other Deafies that the place was closed or rather, locked. The drive-thru lane was still open.

We thought that it might be due to not enough people working to serve those that wanted to dine inside. So, we decided the drive-thru lane and get our food. 2 Deafies asked us if will go to the drive-thru lane and we confirmed. They gave us money and their order after we confirmed that we'd get their food as well.

So, we proceeded in the drive-thru lane. The big-assed truck in front of us passed by the ordering station/speaker area and up to the window. (We assumed he was Deaf.) We did the same, passing the ordering station and drove up. The car behind us stopped and dictated his order.

The car in front of the truck drove away. All of us inched up. The driver in the big-assed truck gave his order at the front window. (Yeah, he must be Deaf as we still assumed.) KT quickly wrote out our orders on one sheet of paper. Then, he wrote another one for the other Deafies.

The truck in front of us finally left and I drove up to the front window. I gave the cashier our order first. She rang us up and wrote down the price. I gave her the money and then gave her the second paper for the next order.

"Sorry, but I have to put them together because there are other cars waiting." I gestured that the restaurant was closed and I want to make 2 separate orders. She was like, "sorry, but I have to ring them up together." I shook my head in defiance.

I mean...really, if I was to place an order inside, they would have never given it a second thought if I gave 2 separate orders. So, why should this be any different? Too bad that the dining area was closed. Too bad that the ordering station in the drive-thru lane isn't Deaf-friendly.

The cashier was like, "I'm gonna get the manager to talk to you". I was like...bring it on, girl! Somehow, it didn't go her way so she took her sweet time before she got our order and begin the second order. I was like...sure, take your sweet time, it's not gonna get me upset.

When she finally took the second order, she asked me to pull up. I shook my head once again. She just nodded. She rang up the order and wrote down the price. I gave her the money. After she gave me the change back, she asked me once again to pull up because the other cars are waiting. I shook my head in response.

First of all, like I said, too bad Burger King isn't Deaf-friendly. The other cars behind me can wait as I have done so waiting for others in the past. Secondly, the second order just consist of 6 pieces of chicken nuggets and an ice cream cone for the other Deafies. No special order or instructions. How hard is that? Plus, I know that when you pull up, you wait longer than usual.

After I shook my head, man, the cashier just went into a cussing episode. Swear all you want, girl, but I ain't moving! Sure enough, I got my second orders within seconds. How simple was that, ya know?! Then, I fianlly drove away, handed over the food to the Deafies waiting at the parking lot and drove off to Gallaudet.

Sometimes, you just gotta stand your ground!