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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cojones, He Has... 

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If you haven't heard of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero before, oh goodness, you're gonna love him after reading this post.

First of all, The Vatican issued a letter to the King of Spain, urging him not to sign a bill that would permit same-sex marriage.

Prime Minister Zapatero lashed back in response, telling the Vatican to back off of Spain's business. He also scolded the Vatican for their exclusion of gays, because love happens between 2 people, regardless of gender.

In response, the Pope summoned Zapatero to Vatican City for a meeting. Zapatero went but refused to submit to the Pope's pressure.

Then, yesterday, Zapatero told the public that he'd rather please the Spanish people than Bush. Apparently, there's a political party (Popular Party) in Spain that has been brown-nosing Bush, by supporting his war decisions.

Que suave!