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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Getting Better... 

Work was not so bad yesterday but enough to keep me busy all day. Came home and had dinner. Went out biking. I'm still huffing and puffing but less than before. Gotta keep at it and then will need to bike a longer route. I'm actually enjoying it.

I'm excited because today KT and I will buy tickets to Big River at Ford Theatre for this weekend. Cliff and Manny will join us. I hope that Big River is as good as everyone keeps saying.


I know that not a lot of people like Monopoly but I enjoy that game. I got this Blogoply from Davynin. Interesting!


Yesterday was the end of Everyone Loves Raymond. I truly enjoyed that show. It was one of my favorite comedy sitcoms along with Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett Show, Laverne & Shirley, Roseanne and others. Will definitely miss that show.

Grr! Some of the shows that I enjoyed watching will be cancelled. Carnivale has been cancelled. While the story plot did start off slow in the first season, it picked up and became really interesting in the second season. Darn!

American Dreams has officially been cancelled. Dammit! That was a good show that KT and I always look forward to watch on Sundays. The newest spin-off of Law & Order, Trial By Jury has also been cancelled. I loved that show because it offered a different perspective. The other 3 Law & Order shows often centered on the investigations of the detectives and then wrap up in the courts. Trial By Jury basically involved the prosecutors and their investigations throughout the show. We enjoyed the dark humor spewed by ADA Tracey Kibre (played by Bebe Neuwirth, best known as Lilith, the ex-wife of Fraiser).


Speaking of Law & Order, tonight on Special Victims Unit, there will be a 2 hour special, starring Marlee Matlin.

The first hour is a rerun where Matlin played a physician that ran a website that encouraged suicide pacts. Eventually, she has been tried and jailed.

The second hour will require the help of Matlin, a jailed physician, on a case the detectives struggle to solve, involving an illegal body parts ring.