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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just Because... 

"Just Because" are nice little surprises that can brighten your day, even if you had a long day at work. KT left work early so that he could take care of a few errands that dealt with our old and new cars. So, I came home from work and KT told me NOT to go in the kitchen or look at some stuff he bought that he had placed in a corner. Uh, yes, sir! *salutes* (Oooo, he's getting kinky, isn't he?)

Well, KT made a fabulous dinner of home-fried flounders and baked potatoes, seasoned with sea salt. Delicious! Not too long ago, I had mentioned to KT that we never really bought fish from the market and make dinner. We usually just buy fish sticks or haddock in the frozen section. It was definitely a difference in taste. I cannot wait to make it myself. Nonetheless, KT is an awesome chef! Hmm, maybe we both should've been chefs.

Then, after dinner, he gave me a few things he bought for me as he went shopping. Got a couple t-shirts, one with a cute slogan and another with Coca-Cola brand. Seems the Coca-Cola thing is happening once again. Remember that time when everyone was wearing Coca-Cola? OMG, remember those Hypecolor or Hypercolor? You know...those t-shirts where you touch it and it changes color? Anyways, I'm going off the point here. Oh, since our new car has a CD player, he got me a Kelly Clarkson CD. Yay! I need some good music (regardless of lyrics) to play to make the drives enjoyable. Know any?

Isn't KT such a thoughtful boyfriend? Oh, I just love him! It doesn't take much to please me and he spoils me rotten. Woof, woof!


Seriously, computers used to be fun to play games or surf the Internet. It used to be that having the McAfee (sp?) VirusScan was enough to ensure safety and comfort. Now, that alone isn't enough...thanks to some dumbfucks who think it's fun to create some viruses and worms and spread them globally.

Some days, I get so mad with computer problems, I feel like making a vow to never never ever ever use a computer again. But, that's crazy, eh?

Oh, and these pop-up ads. Ugh, don't get me started. Spams...ugh. I have never seen so many spams about mortgages, porns, Rolex, Viagra and many others. However, I learned one thing. You know when you go out to malls or events, you'd see booths promoting a lottery or an opportunity to win a free car, a free cruise vacation or some other vacation packages. (Heck, they even do it online..."Shoot the Bee and You'll Win...") Usually, you'll have to fill out one of those small white slip and drop in a box. DON'T! That's how they get call you while you're eating a delicious dinner. That's how they max out your email account with spams. Besides, do you even know of anyone who has won these prizes?


Ugh! I used to read every details about Bush and his dealings with terrorism and war and all that. These days, I just skim across the articles and move on. Nothing new, same stuff. But...ugh! Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai came to America to meet with Bush and discuss about the American troops in Afghanistan. However, the Bully turned around and chided Karzai for not effectively curbing poppies, opium and heroin. Uh, hell-o! Bully, didn't you come to Afghanistan to seek the Taliban and especially Osama Bin Ladin? Then, keep your focus on that and not about how poppies are everywhere in Afghanistan and then scold Karzai. None of your business! Ugh!

Anyways, better get back to work. ta ta...