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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

News, Once Again... 

Fargo, N.D. - Police arrested a man on Saturday after he punched a pizza deliveryman in the face because the pizza man refused to accept marijuana as payment instead of money.

Like everyone has been saying...he should've had a pot pie instead.

Get this! Research has proven that obesity doesn't discriminate. Rich people are getting fat! Oh. My. God. Shocking, isn't it?

Duluth, GA - Jilted groom still wants to marry his runaway bride, who had gotten cold feet from their 600-guest, lavish wedding, escaped to Albuqerque, N.M. and phoned the police that she was kidnapped.

Wow! He must really love her after all that drama.

Sometimes, when we read history, we think that it happened so long ago. Yet, when someone speaks out for the first time after so many years, we're reminded that such event occurred not too long ago.

Hitler's nurse, Erna Flegel, is speaking for the first time in 60 years about Hitler's last days in the bunker before he committed suicide.

Dang! Nowadays, girls are no longer sugar and spice. Uh-uh! Girls are now becoming more daring and combatitive. Nicole Townes is just coming out of a coma after being beaten up by several girls. The link above also has other links to other recent events, such as one hockey teams where the girls made the new players go through some dangerous hazing rituals.

Convenience stores are aiming to change their appearances and services. Sushi will be sold. Wi-fi interet will be offered as a free service.

The Chronicles of Narnia is actually coming to a theatre near you. Disney has been mum about the movie but is excited about its upcoming release in December.

Well, that's all folks!

ta ta...