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Monday, May 16, 2005

Oh-So-Green North Carolina... 

This past weekend, KT and I drove down to North Carolina (Durham) for the weekend. KT's dad and stepmother flew in for a high school reunion. So, we thought we'd see both sets of parents in one location, since KT's mom lives there.

After work on Thursday, we Metro'd to DCA to pick up a rental car. Hopped in and drove to NC. I like the drive down because of the beautiful sceneries of green trees and landscapes. The further down you drive, the more you head into the country and see evidence of southern living. You could just feel the stress melt away and just be at peace.

Friday morning, we headed over to Burlington see KT's dad and his relatives. Now, I have met just about all of KT's maternal relatives. I had only met a few of his paternal relatives. I was nervous once again because I was going to meet more of his paternal relatives.

However, his relatives were just as friendly as the ones I had met before. In fact, his paternal relatives reminded me more of my relatives. All were friendly and just cracked up jokes all day long and had frequent strolls down memory lane.

Went to a small mall so that his relatives could buy some wedding shower gifts. KT and I went on our own to explore. We needed a break from reading lips. I usually could last a week from reading lips with my relatives before my eyes were tired and needed a break. However, NC accent is not always easy to understand and my eyes were already hurting after 2 hours of being with his family. We were so tired that we sat down in a lounging area and KT took a cat nap. A few minutes later, we got up, walked around and bumped into a Deaf guy and later to his wife. You should've seen our energy perked up. Yeah, it's no big deal meeting other Deafies but it is when you're spending all day with hearing relatives that know NADA about signs.

After dinner of BBQ, we went back for the night at his mom's house. KT was so tired he went to bed. I stayed up a bit and read up on some recipes in Southern Living magazines. I love them magazines! I jotted down some recipes in my pager and am eager to try them out. I think I chose the wrong profession...I should've been a chef!

Spent Saturday with his mom and stepdad. Had such a fantanstic day. We headed out to a flea market in Raleigh. Dunno about you but I like going to flea markets and checking out some interesting stuff. Met a Deaf gay couple there and just might see them at RAD.

I usually don't mention about meeting other Deafies as it's usually no big deal for us Deafies. However, it was like perfect timing that we met on those 2 occasions because we were needing a break from reading lips all day. It just so happened that we went off on our own and there they appeared. Your energy perks up and you're back to your old self. Of course, all good things come to an end. Your chats with other Deafies are usually ended by hearing people, telling you that we have to move on or leave the area. Shucks!

After dinner, we came home and played croquet. It was my first time playing croquet and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself. KT, his mom and I had such a great time playing and laughing. KT's mom has 2 black labs and they kept taking our balls away every time we hit them. Of course, they thought we were playing with them. Them silly girls! Man, it looked like such a prissy game but dang, we were all sweating after 3 rounds. Nonetheless, it was fun!

Then, we played a card game that I hadn't played before, Hand and Foot. If you know how to play Canasta and like it, you'll love this game. I can't believe we hadn't heard of this game previously. However, I'm glad we did and we look forward to playing with friends.

Sunday, we met with one of KT's childhood friend, Melanie and her family for breakfast. We finally got to meet her baby boy, who slept most of the time. It was just so good to see her and catch up with each other's lives. Her son, Cody, finally woke and was just doubly adorable. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. He was just cute!

After that, we drove home. Isn't it interesting that despite the grand time you have at on your vacation or on your weekend getaway, you come home and you're tired? It's like you need a vacation from your vacation. Oh well, at least we went to bed at a decent time and we're doing pretty good for today.

Now, I just need to buy a few stuff so I can try out these recipes and try them out. Yep...should've been a chef!